In the weeks leading up to the 2005 WNBA Draft, will be highlighting some of the top seniors throughout the country who will be in this year’s draft class. Currently, Minnesota holds the 11th overall selection in the first round as well as the 17th pick (second round) and 37th pick (third round). Along with providing the player’s vital statistics, will also get a few comments by Lynx assistant coach Carolyn Jenkins.

Janel McCarville: 6'2" Center
University of Minnesota

2004-05 Statistics (29 games)
Pts: 16.3
Reb: 10.3
Ast: 3.8
Stl: 2.17
Blk: 1.97
FGs: 187-371
FG%: 50.4%
3Pt: 3-19
3P%: 15.8%
FTs: 96-132
FT%: 72.7%
Min: 30.8

CJ says: “Janel has a great mixture of physical post play, with soft hands, and great passing ability. She is developing great shooting range and is an excellent rebounder.”

Tan White: 5’7” Guard
Mississippi State

2004-05 Statistics (28 games)
Pts: 23.6
Reb: 7.6
Ast: 3.4B
Stl: 2.86
Blk: 0.96
FGs: 234-542
FG%: 43.2%
3Pt: 56-176
3P%: 31.8%
FTs: 136-181
FT%: 75.1%
Min: 35.7

C.J. says: Leads the NCAA in scoring for good reason. Has the entire offensive package. Very good off the dribble, excellent mid range game. 3pt shot is greatly improved this year. Great speed and quickness.

Kendra Wecker: 5’11” Forward
Kansas State

2004-05 Statistics (27 games)
Pts: 20.6
Reb: 10.1
Ast: 2.7
Stl: 1.59
Blk: 0.63
FGs: 222-469
FG%: 47.3%
3Pt: 38-92
3P%: 41.3%
FTs: 73-87
FT%: 83.9%
Min: 32.0

C.J. says: Leads the Big 12 in scoring, shooting near 50% from 3pt line. Can score with her back to the basket as well as beyond the 3pt line. Has the best mid-range game in the country. Great rebounder and probably the best all-around athlete in the draft.

Sandora Irvin: 6’3” Forward
Texas Christian

2004-05 Statistics (32 games)
Pts: 20.1
Reb: 12.0
Ast: 2.1
Stl: 2.53
Blk: 4.50
FGs: 232-500
FG%: 46.4%
3Pt: 24-61
3P%: 39.3%
FTs: 155-213
FT%: 72.8%
Min: 31.7

C.J. says: Broke the NCAA blocked shots record this year. Athletic power forward with good shooting range. Runs the floor well and is an excellent rebounder and one of the best defenders in this year's draft class.

Jacqueline Batteast: 6'1" Forward
Notre Dame

2004-05 Statistics (31 games)
Pts: 17.1
Reb: 6.5
Ast: 2.7
Stl: 1.19
Blk: 1.26
FGs: 196-472
FG%: 41.5%
3Pt: 16-45
3P%: 35.6%

FTs: 123-155
FT%: 79.4%
Min: 33.3

C.J. says: Combination small forward/power forward who has improved her perimeter skills and shooting range this season. Big East player of the year.

Tanisha Wright: 5'11" Guard
Penn State

2004-05 Statistics (29 games)
Pts: 19.3
Reb: 4.4
Ast: 3.6
Stl: 1.97
Blk: 0.34
FGs: 209-498
FG%: 42.0%
3Pt: 3-13
3P%: 23.1%
FTs: 138-173
FT%: 79.8%
Min: 35.0

C.J. says: Best defensive player in the draft. Quick first step off the dribble and an excellent rebounder from the "2" position.

Katie Feenstra: 6'8" Center

2004-05 Statistics (30 games)
PPG: 17.7
RPG: 10.2
BPG: 2.4
FGs: 215-314
FG%: .685
FTs: 101-1152
FT%: .664

C.J. says: Obvious tremendous presence in the paint. Has great left and right hook moves on the low block and good shooting touch from the high post. Very mobile for her size.

Sancho Lyttle: 6'4" Forward

2004-05 Statistics (30 Games)
PPG: 18.8
RPG: 12.1
APG: 1.5
SPG: 3.1
FGs: 233-484
FG%: .481
FTs: 99-144
FT%: .688

C.J. says: Leads the nation in rebounding. Runs the floor extremely well. Still developing her offensive skills in the low block, but has a tremendous upside.