Shootaround Access: Lynx vs. Fever
Game 2 - WNBA Finals

Andrea Allis
Web Editorial Associate


The Lynx have had two full days to reflect on their WNBA Finals Game 1 loss to Indiana. Now, having tweaked a few components of their game, they're motivated and ready to even the score.

The two full days without game play has been good for both teams after such a physical game on Sunday, but Lindsay Whalen said at this morning's shootaround that she and her teammates are itching to get back out on the floor tonight.

"We're ready for Game 2; we're just ready to play," Whalen said. "It feels like it's been a long time since that Game 1. I know everyone is ready to play. Obviously Game 1 didn't go our way, and now we're ready for this opportunity tonight."

They're eager, but not overthinking it, coach Cheryl Reeve said. She said that her players are looking sharp and hungry for a game two win tonight, but still themselves.

"If you overreact, you start to be who you're not," Reeve said. "If a team starts changing what they're doing outside of what they've done all season, then we know we have them right where we want them, because that's not who they are. And we've seen that throughout the playoffs, where teams all of a sudden try to do something they're not good at, and we know that we have them in those moments. We've got to find that moment against Indiana."

After the Fever got out to a fast start in Game 1, the Lynx put together better play in the second and third quarters, only to fall apart offensively in the fourth. Tonight, they aim to put together four quarters of strong play, and Whalen said that setting the tone from the game's very first minutes is key. "I think the big thing is just being locked in on what the game plan is and understanding what we need to accomplish—and being ready to do that from the start and not trying to ease your way into the game,” Whalen said. “You have to come out here right from the get-go and be ready to play."

Reeve said that her players have been ready ever since the conclusion of Game 1 Sunday night.

"We don't dwell. Obviously, the mood after Game 1 was tough, one of disappointment," said Reeve. "But at the same time, there was a great understanding that it was done and over with, and there was nothing we could do about Game 1 once it was over. So then our minds' focus just shifted to Game 2 and what we needed to do."

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