Lynx Postgame Quotes: August 16, 2003

Lynx 73, Silver Stars 64
SBC Center (San Antonio)

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"We have great shooters on this team. Our offense is not designed to run through one or two players. We have a lot of weapons on this team and aim to be well-rounded. All year long our perimeter players have knocked down shots when we've needed them."

"Before this one, we talked about the little things and how important those things would be tonight. For example, rebounding. All five of the Stars' offensive boards came in the first five seconds of the second half. At that point I challenged the team: 'Take care of the ball, crash the boards, box out, no regrets.' They responded to that challenge."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"Tonight it was important for us to move the ball around, penetrate and kick it out. The girls out there tonight were ready to shoot. They stepped up and delivered for us."

"Points off of turnovers is always a key in any game, and we've been on the other end plenty of times this season. Tonight we turned that around. We took care of the ball tonight, and if you do that — take good care of the basketball — you always give yourself a chance to win."

Lynx Forward Tamika Williams
"San Antonio likes to run their offense through Margo. She likes to get the ball down low, take her time, and set up her shot if you let her. We were able to get her in foul trouble and frustrate her a little bit. Then with her in foul trouble, we could run the floor and take advantage of mismatches."

"For us to get in the playoffs, we can't rely on other teams to help us. We have to play like we did tonight. Out-hustle, out-rebound and just out-play other teams. It's funny, a lot of teams that more than likely won't make the playoffs are some of the teams that everybody is losing to, and they are our toughest matchups."

Lynx Forward Svetlana Abrosimova
"Whatever we are doing right now is working. We will continue to be successful if we stay within the team's system. Not looking for help from other teams to make the postseason, but realizing that our next game on the schedule has to be our next big win."

"It's hard to play their guards — they are a tough match-up out there. They have big post players as well, so team defense is a must. You have to rotate to help the bigs. Team defense was huge tonight and without it, we don't win this game."

Silver Stars Coach Shell Dailey
"Rebounding was a problem. It was horrendous. The one thing we worked the hardest on and talked the most about stopped us. I'm disappointed, but we'll get better. When we pick out one thing and hone in on it, it makes us better."

"It was the little things down the stretch, not thinking and not being focused. In the second half we were more in an attacking mode. Overall, we have work to do. The bench production was the worst it's been. That needs to drastically improve."

"Minnesota is stronger and feisty. They know when the put a shot up, it's going to the basket. You have to make contact with them."

Silver Stars Forward Adrienne Goodson
"They are moving all the time. You have to always be in the right position or they'll make you pay. They are the best team in the way they move. No one stands still. You don't know when their offense is out of sync because they keep moving. When they go small, it makes it difficult for us to match up... They play well together. They crash the boards and if you're not in the right position defensively, you'll get caught out there."

Silver Stars Center Margo Dydek
"It (rebounding) was hard for us. In my position, I would be trying to box out and then someone else would come over. They were just attacking and moving without the basketball really well."