Lynx Postgame Quotes: August 6, 2003

Mercury 56, Lynx 49
America West Arena

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"She (Anna DeForge) is obviously a great player. She is a player that the coach has a lot of confidence in. A lot of plays are run for her, and when things are run for you like that, you have a lot of confidence and you play at a higher level. She takes advantage of the opportunities that she gets. She knocks down shots, but she is aggressive defensively. She just does a great job for them."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"They play tough defense and make you earn everything. We would get a little bit of a lead and they would come right back at us. Especially in the second half, we kept going up and the lead kept disappearing. I have to give them credit they hung in there and did what they had to do to win."

Mercury Coach John Shumate
"What can I tell you? These ladies are very special. They never quit and they never give up. Tamara Moore comes in and has barely a clue about what we are doing and she gives us three baskets. Pienette Pierson stepped up and hit some shots, and that is basically what the game comes down to. You've got to hit shots. When you hit shots, it complements the tough, hard-nosed defense that you play."

Mercury Guard Anna DeForge
"This was a good win for us, coming back home. We played them tough at their place last week and it came down to the stretch. It was the same thing tonight. Neither team shot a very high percentage, but we got to the free throw line and we took care of the ball better than they did."

Mercury Forward Adrian Williams
"We are looking at this as an opportunity to say, 'Let's start the season over again.' We're a different team than the one we started the season with. We're maturing and I think we are going to finish the season the best we can and try and get a few more wins. We never gave up trying to win, so this is satisfaction for all our hard work and something we can build on into the next year."