Lynx Postgame Quotes: August 2, 2003

Lynx 73, Storm 71
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"It was back and forth. You got the sense that it was coming down to the last play of the game... I knew going into it, we wanted the ball in Katie's hands. We brought her off the double-screen by two posts, but if it wasn't there, she was to curl it which is what we got her on. If that was not there, then Svet was following her on the same set. Katie was Option 1 and 2. Jackson was there to take away her cut, and Katie made a great read."

"They (officials) are probably not going to make a call like that for it to be the decision of the game for free throws to win the game. Katie made a great play, got the shot off and got the roll. First time Katie got the roll tonight... That's a credit to their defense. Teams are making her earn what she gets."

"(The win) was huge for us. It makes us tied with Seattle, and we need to continue to stay even. We went up 3-0 on them in the series. I think also that it was important we took care of this game at home. We need to take advantage of being at home. It was a great crowd. They were a great factor in a tight game loud, a lot of energy and the team fed off it."

"I've been coaching for 13 years, and I've always seen that if you give players the opportunity, they will produce. Coaches are in the position to give a player confidence, and her (Burse) being in the starting lineup, she took that opportunity and ran. She just goes out now and plays with a great deal of confidence. She's a different player on the court. She was a player that went from getting very few minutes to having a hard time taking her off the floor."

"It was obvious in the locker room that this team is excited about where we are right now. I think, confidence-wise, this is a difference-maker for us one that we need to build on by not being content with this win, by being hungry going into Monday's game against Phoenix."

"I thought Svet came off the bench in the second half and really gave us a spark. I think just at different times, different players stepped up whether it was a rebound or a defensive stop or a steal. I would say JB was the difference-maker, but this was a total team effort."

Lynx Center Janell Burse
"Katie did it tonight. I'm still seeing that shot in my head. I saw her pull up and hang in the air for about three seconds and then shoot it."

"It felt good when I was playing, and I really wanted to play well tonight because today was the day my grandmother died, and we were thinking about that and prayed earlier. I was sad that I couldn't go to the grave site with my family, but I just wanted to play well, and I was thinking about her the whole time."

"I know how great of a player Lauren is. You have to give her over a hundred percent every time you play her, or else you're just going to get scored on. I was trying to play as hard as I could every time I was around her."

"I never stop working out, no matter when I play or when I didn't. It was hard not playing, but I never let it get me down to the point where I didn't want to get better. So I just kept working out, knowing that my day would come. Hopefully now it's coming, and things are starting to fall together for me."

"This win was huge, because it gave us a lot of momentum. And that's important right now, especially during this part of the season. We have Phoenix coming in here, and hopefully we can do the same thing to them."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"Suzie drew up the last play with me coming off a double, and Svet was going to come off my heels. Lauren bumped me, and I think they expected her to switch. But she didn't stay with me, so I kept curling to the basket. Teresa threw it to me, so obviously I was open. When I squared up, I had a little bit more room. So I put the ball on the floor to get a little closer look, and then I saw Lauren coming on the side. So I hung up there and just tried to get it up, and obviously it bounced in. It wasn't pretty, but it went in."

"I got some good looks. They paid a lot of attention, and they face-guard you. But you're always going to get another chance and I got a big one at the end. Everybody stepped up big tonight, and we were able to finish off in regulation. We didn't really want to go into overtime."

"There was a lot of excitement tonight. Obviously there's a lot riding on it. Seattle's right above us. We're fighting for those playoff spots, and any win we can get can get us a little closer to our goal. They were a game ahead, and we've put ourselves in the scenario that we've won the series against them if there is a tie. So yeah, it was more of a playoff atmosphere a lot of competition and a lot of excitement. It felt good, and obviously our team is wanting to step up and get it done."

"Sue was coming full speed and going full court. If I step up on her, I might get a blocking foul. There's a lot that can happen, and when she's coming right at you, you can only give ground and hope. I wasn't going to reach in, because you never know. I knew she was pretty much going to take it, but there's not much you can do."

Storm Coach Anne Donovan
"We were going to switch on all screens (on the last play). That would've meant that we had to do a good job with Katie coming to the ball. You know she's going to be the one that makes the play. We just didn't switch out and guard her through the possession. She made a nice, hard cut; we defended it. She made a back-cut, and we didn't guard that. A big shot by a big-time player... Big-time players play in crunch time. You saw Katie Smith do it, and you saw Sue do it."

"Janell Burse obviously has earned the respect of most players in this league. We didn't come in ready to guard her tonight. She and Williams both tore our posts up, basically."

"We've got to play defense. The fact is, we can't let teams shoot 46, 47 percent on us and win games and Minnesota has done that. Every time we've played them, they've shot the ball well on us. We've got to get back to going to the boards on defense."

Storm Center Lauren Jackson
"It was anybody's game for the taking until the last second. Unfortunately, we didn't pull it out... The last two seconds of the game was the only difference tonight. That was it. It was just Katie Smith."

"(Burse) played a good game. I take it personally when somebody plays against me like that. She has shown signs of that this season, though. She really battled underneath. She played great."

"It's going to be a pretty important game (next Friday). That's all I can say. All of our games against Minnesota seem to be close."

Storm Guard Sue Bird
"I just wanted to get the ball and just go with it. I knew there was only nine seconds. I wanted to just push the ball and see what happens hopefully make it, to make up for that missed free throw."

"She (Burse) has been playing better. She's a pretty good player, but I don't think this is the kind of game that you generally expect from her. She played great."

"Amanda did a great job making it hard for Katie to get good looks. She got her shots, but they certainly weren't easy. But Katie is a great player. She doesn't need a lot of space. She knocked down a big shot. I guess you just can't keep her down for the entire game."