Lynx Postgame Quotes: July 29, 2003

Comets 73, Lynx 58
Compaq Center (Houston)

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"In the first half they came out and played really well. They shot the ball well, and we didn't do things we wanted to do. We didn't execute on offense, we didn't hit good shots, we didn't get good shots. They took us out of the flow of our game. They are a great defensive team. Going into halftime, I felt we just dug ourselves in too big of a hole, and I challenged this team and attacked their pride, and they came out fighting. For 20 minutes they played their hearts out, and I couldn't be more proud of the effort that they had in the second half. They didn't quit, they didn't die, and they didn't give up."

"We really had nothing to lose (in the second half). That's the attitude we came out with. We gave it everything we had and had to play with a sense of urgency, and it was to our advantage. We still had opportunities when we cut it to 10 with the ball, but just couldn't convert. We could have run out of gas, fatigue could have become a factor, but I'm just very proud of their effort."

"(The Comets) just have so many weapons. They have two key players that they look for in Swoopes and Thompson, but I think Arcain is the killer on that team. She kills so many teams. You can look at their former big three, and I think she can step right into that role for them. Michelle Snow and Tiffani Johnson do a great job in their role of hitting shots and getting rebounds. They have a solid point guard in Ukari Figgs. They just have a lot of weapons, and they work well together."

Lynx Forward Sheri Sam
"We had about as bad of a first half as you can have, and they had about as good of a first half as you can have. They came out ready to play, jumped on us, and we dug a big hole. In the second half we just left it all out there. We showed a lot of hustle and just tried to get back in it, but we couldn't make up the deficit from the first half."

"We missed a lot of easy shots, and after that we started to stand around a lot, not really get into our offense, and they were just hitting shots. Everyone [was hitting shots]. You expect Swoopes and Thompson to hit shots, but Figgs and Arcain came out and hit some shots. They really scored from everywhere in the first half."

Lynx Center Janell Burse
"Our intensity picked up in the second half when we put the press on them. They [seemed] unsure of what to do when we first did that and we got some turnovers. They were so hot when the game started and that made it hard. They weren't missing and that made it really tough."

"At halftime we talked about this game really being about pride. We're not going to just let somebody walk all over us. I think that's the main reason we really picked it up. We were not going to just let this be a blowout game, so I think that was probably the biggest thing."

Comets Coach Van Chancellor
"I think the hardest thing for me in coaching is to give me an 18-point lead at halftime and try to win it. But we did hang on and win... It's awfully hard to stay completely focused when you're up 18 at halftime and you've kind of had your way."

"Right now you're three up (in the standings), and on a tiebreaker, you've won three out of four. Against them, as it stands right now, we're four games up in the loss column and that's all that matters to me. So that was a big, big game for us."

Comets Forward Tina Thompson
"I think Minnesota didn't shoot as well as they usually shoot in the first half. I thought we played well defensively, but I also thought they missed shots they usually make. Going into the second half, we definitely knew that they were going to make some runs; that's basketball. Teams are going to make runs throughout. We had some great runs in the first half as well as the second half, but I thought that Minnesota didn't play up to their potential in the first half."

Comets Guard Ukari Figgs
"I think we had a great team defense. I think we came out in the first half and really did a great job of limiting Katie's touches and limiting her looks at the basket. When you can hold Katie back a little bit, it hurts their offense. She is one of those players you don't want to let get started early because she can really hurt you. We did a good job of slowing her down early and I think it worked out for us."