Lynx Postgame Quotes: July 25, 2003

Lynx 81, Silver Stars 54
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"I think I've said it before. One thing I've learned as a coach is that when you give players the opportunity, they will produce. (Burse) took advantage of the time she was given, and made the most of it. She shot the ball well, rebounded, defended... I mean, she started out on Margo Dydek, and (Dydek) ended the game 1-for-7... She always played hard in practice. She and Michele Van Gorp would battle and go at it. In limited minutes in a game, it was hard for her to transfer. With that amount of playing time, that is what she's capable of."

"You make the most of the situation. I've never dwelled on what we didn't have. When players go down it's unfortunate, but I think you show your character. It shows really what you're made of. I'm the type of coach that I don't care who steps up, but someone needs to step up and on any given night, it can be someone different."

"This game was all about attitude about coming together and believing in each other. We need to get back to that. I talked about players taking advantage of the opportunity with two players out stepping up."

"This team played determined. They played with a lot of confidence. I thought we didn't skip a beat. It didn't matter who was on the floor, they contributed. It's a great win, a great win."

Lynx Center Janell Burse
"Wednesday was different, because I was worried if Gorp's knee was okay. I was nervous about starting, because I didn't start yet this season. There was a lot going on in my head. Tonight it was more like I knew I was starting. I knew what I had to do. I was just more prepared tonight than I was the other night... I felt like I was out there long enough to find my rhythm and find my flow. Once you get into it and you're out there for enough time, you just get in the rhythm of the game and you let it come to you."

"My confidence has been down lately, and tonight definitely helped it. When my first shot went in, I felt good and I felt confident enough to take it again."

"I knew she (Dydek) would be of course taller than me, and be able to score over me easily. So I just tried to push out as far as I could, and tried to get as far away from the basket as possible. They took her out, thank God, but then they put Tausha Mills in and that wasn't a big relief."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"It wasn't surprising. I'm just glad that she (Burse) came out, gave us a big presence inside, knocked down her shots, being aggressive, doing everything defensively and scoring. We know Janell can do it. She does it every day in practice, so to see her do it tonight was very good. Maybe it's going to open up the floodgates and keep her going. We've got her, Gorp and Jordan's coming on. That's a great mix of post players. Any given night, any of them can step up. So that gives us all a lot of confidence."

"Our energy was good from the start defensively, offensively. We shared the ball really well. I think we were a little more in sync. Defensively, we still had a lot of breakdowns transition-wise, and we gave them a lot of easy buckets. But we enjoy this for this evening, because tomorrow's a whole different ballgame. It's going to be a real tough game, having to travel, and just Indiana in general at Indiana. Hopefully we'll bring this same type of enthusiasm tomorrow, because we'll need it."

"We're a well-rounded team. I think that people were able to step up. We're pretty consistent. With them (Abrosimova and Van Gorp) not being involved, it just gives another person a chance to do something. We have a nice balance."

Silver Stars Coach Candi Harvey
"We didn't take advantage of the fact that they had two starters out tonight. They killed us in the post. Burse scored 21 on us we can't let that happen. We just didn't establish an inside presence."

Silver Stars Center Margo Dydek
"Our game plan going into it was to try and be offensive. We know that Minnesota always plays strong defense. We wanted to get the ball inside. We were trying to be offensive (minded) and play strong defense."

Silver Stars Guard Marie Ferdinand
"She (Coach Harvey) told us to hang in there. There's better days. Look at what's on our schedule for tomorrow. That's about it... Just hang in there. There's better days ahead."