Lynx Postgame Quotes: July 20, 2003

Lynx 69, Storm 58
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"I looked at CJ and Nancy, my assistants, and said, 'Why can't we play with a 13-point lead?' I mean, we just weren't putting good shots up. We were standing around. We were a lot of one-on-one, instead of continuing to execute offense. Granted we had some open looks, but all that does is get us ticked off and give Seattle confidence. And they capitalized and came up with big shots."

"It's thrown Georgia Schweitzer into the fire. She hasn't played point all year for us — and give her a lot of credit, because she's going out there and teams are trying to pressure her left and right. I think she did a good job of buying 'T' some time and allowing us to rest her. I think she stepped up big-time."

"Teams are definitely keying on Katie, which will open up everyone else. She ended up with 19, but she's earning it. Whatever Katie has, she has to earn. She just needs to continue to be patient and let it come to her... Katie continues to hit big shots, and that's what I talk about — being patient and letting it come to her. Katie loves to have the ball in her hands. I love to have the ball in Katie's hands. She has the ability better than anyone else I've seen to get her own shot."

"We take it one game at a time, but obviously this game was crucial for us. We went up 2-0 on Seattle, but we still have a lot of games to play. I know we check the standings and pay attention to where we stand, but we take it one game at a time. We talk about feeling good about ourselves and earning a playoff spot — not necessarily having to depend on so many teams to give us that spot. We'll take it any way we get it, don't get me wrong, but we want to earn it."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"Everybody's capable. It's just a matter of getting ready and game-focused, and knowing that your number is going to be called earlier this time... It's an awesome thing for those who haven't necessarily had the bulk of the minutes, and to get in there and say, 'Hey, I'm ready.' Van Gorp stepped right in and made a difference defensively and offensively, and was really aggressive. Everybody knew what we had to do, and we feel confident in our team. If we play well together, and play well defensively, we're all right."

"This was a big game. If you lose it you've got a fourth spot all by yourself, and then that's two straight losses. That can mess up your psyche. So we wanted to come out and get ourselves right back in the hunt, to keep ourselves even with everyone and also give ourselves confidence. We've got a tough stretch the rest of the season. We've got a lot of road games, a lot of tough games, and we go to Connecticut on Wednesday. So I'd say this is a big game, and obviously it shows us where we're at. And hopefully, we can put together a few more."

Lynx Forward Tamika Williams
"Lauren Jackson is All-American. She can do it all, and if anybody on their court is going to take over the game, it's going to be her. I don't know if we contained her, but we didn't allow anyone else to score in double figures. And I think that's what really helped out."

Lynx Guard Teresa Edwards
"Jackson kept getting to the line and getting three-point plays every play down. She was finishing and getting to the line. We weren't getting anything down on our end with the refs. It was definitely a shift in the momentum of the game, really quickly. And then we grabbed it back. Defense pulled us through that one. At the same time, good coaching helped, too. Suzie was telling us to attack and not play scared, to lose. So that was huge for us to go back out and attack, and get a basket and stop their momentum."

"We knew how important this game was. But even though it's important today, it's even more important that we continue to win. We want to be in control of our own destiny. We don't want to be hoping somebody's losing in the end of it. It's really important that we build, continue to get better and win on our own."

Storm Coach Anne Donovan
"It was a big game — especially with the closeness in the standings — tonight. There are games when you go up a notch, and games where you go down a notch. Tonight we slid down."

"Defensively, we did what we needed to do. Lassiter did a nice job disrupting Katie Smith. She took her out of the offense. She had a hard time even getting her hands on the ball. The one time she lost her, she hit a 'three'. But we all know as soon as you leave Katie, she will score. Then we just put her on the foul line down the stretch. But I think we did a nice job on her tonight."

"It (foul trouble) was huge. We have had foul trouble with them (Jackson and Vodichkova) in previous games, but never both of them at the same time. Playing without Lauren and Kamila completely disrupted our offense. It's never going to be easy playing a game with nothing but bench players, especially when your three top players are out."

"Superstar players step up when it counts. We needed someone to fill Sue's shoes, and she (Jackson) stepped up. She played great. She scored more than half of our points. She was really unstoppable, but one player can't win a game."

Storm Center Lauren Jackson
"I think it came down to missing shots that we were just making before. We were one point down with a couple minutes to go, but we missed those shots. It came down to a pressure play, and we didn't come up with it... In a sense of trying to get better and learning from it, it was important. I don't think it was important in the sense of playoff contention. We've still got a lot of games left. It was no big deal... just another game."

"I just wanted to get out there and play (with five fouls) and give it a shot, which we did. Unfortunately we didn't come up with the win. Minnesota played great. Katie Smith always steps up... Amanda's really stepped up for us, and she's playing great defense at the moment. We just didn't contain everybody else. That got away from us."

"Thirty is just a number... My coach wants me to play the 'five' more, and I've gotten much better in my range every season... I guess it's good for my confidence, going in and shooting inside more — playing more as a post player. That should become my focus."

Storm Guard Sue Bird
"It's a day-to-day thing I'm dealing with. Some days I feel great, other days I feel 'eh', other days I can't play. It's really tough, but I've had to deal with it all season — take it one day at a time. Unfortunately tonight, I couldn't play through it. But tomorrow will be a new day, and we'll see what happens."