Lynx Postgame Quotes: July 1, 2003

Comets 71, Lynx 69
Compaq Center (Houston)

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"Their defense really stepped up in the second half. The crowd got into it and, at times, we made poor decisions. We talk about this game being about decision-making. I thought we took quick shots, turned the ball over at crucial times and they hit big shots when they needed to and picked it up defensively to get themselves back in the game."

"In the timeout, we talked about (Swoopes) being scoreless in the first half. We knew she was coming out in the second half. She was coming off the screens harder, she was wanting the ball in her hands, and she was trying to make things happen. She's an outstanding player, and to contain her for a half was a credit to our defense, but in the second half, we needed to match that energy she was putting in. She basically took over the game. Her teammates helped, too. They hit big shots when they needed to."

"I think (Houston) started to play with more of a sense of urgency on offense. They picked it up on defense, which created some steals, got their offense going, got the crowd into it. It was a combination of factors and we at times made mistakes. We can't allow them to cause us to make poor decisions in the halfcourt, and they capitalized when we did that."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"Defensively, they were very aggressive. They got out in the passing lanes and took us a little out of what we wanted. We didn't execute as well and had a few turnovers at key points. They just make more plays down the stretch than we did. Both our offenses were struggling and Houston picked up the defense in the second half. We didn't take out time and pass and move the ball. They made us rush a bit. We were putting the ball on the floor and losing the handle, so it was a bit of both them and us."

"Obviously, we had our opportunities at the end to make plays and get rebounds, but they made the shot when it counted. We took a good shot with six seconds left and they just got the rebound, called timeout to move the ball up the floor, and made a tough shot. That was it. We had a shot at the basket, but we were going to play defense and hopefully send it into overtime."

Lynx Forward Tamika Williams
"They are not a team you can just let linger around because they have too many veterans players and all-stars. They've got everything, championship experience and people that know their roles, so when you play against a team like this, if you don't put them away, it's going to be tough at the end."

"She's (Swoopes) the MVP of the league. She knows how to get her team going. That's what I like about her; she gets everybody else involved and she did just that tonight. Defensively, we threw a lot of things at her; she just kept going. She's a hard-nosed player."

Lynx Forward Svetlana Abrosimova
"They're a great team and you would expect them to fight back in a game like this. I thought that in the last three or four minutes, their best players were incredible. They hit some big shots. Unfortunately we lost, but they played really well in the second half. They fought back. They got the lead and deserved to win. They played great tonight."

"Each team is going to have their runs. We had ours in the first half, and they picked it up on defense and played more aggressively in the second half. It was tough for us to make shots and some just didn't go in."

"We wanted to get one of our shooters in Katie (Smith) or Sheri (Sam). We got the open shot — it just didn't go in. It wasn't specifically that we were looking for a 3 or a 2, just to get a basket and, unfortunately, with about six seconds left, they got the rebound."

Comets Coach Van Chancellor
"I don't want you to ask me how we won the game, because I'm not real sure. I don't usually need to watch that much tape; I pretty well know what's going on. Tonight I'm going to have to watch the tape because I don't know how we won that game. I haven't figured that out yet. But let me tell you this: we're going to take it. That might have been a season-saving victory. Let me repeat that — a season-saving victory. It was a hard saving, emotional game; I'd hate to know (what we'd have done) if we'd lost."

"I thought when we got the ball back with six seconds left that we had a shot at them because I thought that they were swooping down on (Sheryl) Swoopes so much, that I thought the shot we got was going to be the shot we'd get. And I also thought she'd (Janeth Arcain) make it. It's a high percentage shot for her and I've seen her win two games with that shot. I also thought we'd be so busy celebrating with two seconds to go that they'd (Minnesota) throw it in and make a lay-up. I was pleased."

"We were in a daze in the first half, a complete daze. We didn't guard anybody, we didn't do anything right. In the first half, we were pitiful. Pitiful with a capital 'P'."

Comets Guard Janeth Arcain
"At the end of the game, I got an opportunity to make the last shot. I think it was a great shot and gave us a win. I feel good for the team because we came back in the second half and played hard and played like a Comets team. We didn't come to play in the first half, but right now we have to work hard and play both halves."

Comets Forward Sheryl Swoopes
"The first half was bad. Scottie (assistant coach Alisa Scott) said it and Coop (Cynthia Cooper) said it (at halftime). It's all about pride. It really doesn't matter — you are not going to make every shot. You are going to miss shots, but there is always something else you can do to get your teammates involved. We have to take a lot of pride in who we are individually and who we are as a team."

"At times, I just don't think that we could get into a rhythm, and when your shots are not falling as a team, you tend to get very frustrated, you get down and the other team feeds off of that. I think that is what happened in the first half. We just have to take a lot of pride in who we are and go back out and try to make it a better game. If we can every put two halves together, I think we will be a pretty good team."