Lynx Postgame Quotes: June 27, 2003

Lynx 67, Mercury 59
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"We knew what Phoenix was like. Their defense keeps them in games. They've been in every game they've played. We had worked on (their pressure) all week. We brought guys in and even they weren't that physical. It's tough to simulate that type of pressure in practice. Obviously this team had scouted us and was taking away things we try to do."

"We were getting entry passes to our guards that were too far from the block. We try to get it at the free-throw line extended, but (the guards) were getting them at the hash mark — making entry passes too high and too long. We were forcing things instead of using our counters. It was purely our decision-making."

"Katie is playing with a lot of confidence right now. Her teammates are finding her. With her being effective, our low post game will open up. Teams won't be able to key off her... I don't think Katie feels the pressure of taking so many shots, or the responsibility for making plays (this year), because she is comfortable with her teammates."

"This is the time of year where it matters. Watching film of our preseason game (against Washington) won't show anything. We both are different teams right now. All of our players weren't even in camp then."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"We got hurried in the first half. That played into their style. We made some shots, but didn't get enough shots. We knew that they were going to play that way, but we didn't know exactly how the flow was going to go. We adjusted and did a better job in the second half. We also picked up our defense and got them out of what they were trying to do."

"I don't pay attention to the stats, but I knew we shot the ball pretty well in the first half. As I said, we didn't get enough shots. They came right at us, and TJ put the ball in the hole on all the pull-ups. We felt good coming out in the second half, got ourselves a little cushion and were able to maintain it."

Lynx Center Michele Van Gorp
"We're sick of fighting down to the end of every game, so it was nice to put one away early. It was bloody ugly. Our goal in the second half was to take better care of the basketball than we did in the first. They have very good ball pressure, and they get hands into the passing lanes."

"I just feel a lot more confident with my inside game. I spent some time overseas and was able to play 40 minutes a game, which has given me a little more confidence down low and made me feel smoother down there. When I go in here, it's not very different."

Mercury Coach John Shumate
"We just weren't consistent enough on both the offensive and defensive ends. I don't know what it was, but our concentration was not there. I felt we forced more than enough turnovers, but we did nowhere near what we needed to do to capitalize on them."

"When you have a player like Katie Smith, it puts a lot of pressure on your defense. You have to know where she is at all times. We contained her for spurts tonight, but still let her get open for more shots than I would've liked... Then with Van Gorp being a force inside, that makes them all the more difficult to defend. She played big tonight. She forced us to collapse in on her, leaving shooters open on the perimeter."

"Minnesota is such a veteran ballclub. When you have the greatest point guard of all time, it's going to be hard to really rattle them. Edwards is so poised on the floor that she has a calming effect on her team."

Mercury Guard Tamicha Jackson
"We came out and scored the first bucket real quick to get some momentum for us, but down the stretch we didn't have it. When you have one team playing all-out fullcourt and the other team playing halfcourt, the one playing full will wear down. We really expended a lot of energy. It's not an excuse for our play down the stretch, though. It's just the team playing halfcourt will have more energy."

"It (three-point shooting) was tremendous. I think that is what they are known for. Katie Smith, you can't leave her open or she will kill you. We didn't want to leave her open, but we got caught not switching off of a couple of screens. If you don't switch, she will knock it down. And that's exactly what happened."