Lynx Postgame Quotes: June 17, 2003

Comets 77, Lynx 68
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"We had opportunities but we didn't capitalize. We missed layups, we missed free throws — the little elements in a game that make a huge difference. Give Houston a lot of credit. They came in here, they shot the ball extremely well and defended well. Defensively they were aggressive. It took us out of our offensive sets a lot of times... We probably should've continued to do what we were successful doing in the first half. That's having a balance — having Tamika shooting the ball well and Michele having her presence inside. These are things that I'll learn myself, and we as a staff will learn."

"I didn't have a good feeling going into this game... Their demeanor during shootaround, I didn't get the same focus I sensed in the Seattle game. I don't know, whatever the reason, I thought we came out flat in the beginning of the game... We played well in spurts."

"Tina is a great player. I thought she had a tremendous game. She got herself to the free-throw line. She made passes when she wasn't open. She was very dangerous with the ball in her hands tonight... That's why we went with Michele Van Gorp, just to put pressure on her with her size. The one time early in the game when we sent double-coverage, she found Canty driving down the lane for a layup. We were picking our spots when there was double-coverage. We were forcing her away from the basket and we were challenging her. But we weren't going to leave somebody wide open, the way they were shooting the ball tonight."

"It (free-throw shooting) has been a killer for us every game we've lost. You can look at that stat and see the biggest difference... It comes down to free throws, and I've always believed that close games are won or lost at the free-throw line. We shot ourselves in the foot."

"I think we have great leadership. I think they're professional enough that they understand what it takes for us to be successful. Every day, I'm waiting for someone to start playing with a little fire in their eyes and get it done on the floor."

Lynx Guard Teresa Edwards
"It was mostly an offensive battle tonight. They shot tremendously well, and we actually shot pretty good for us — at least in the first half. We keep getting down and having to fight back, so that's pretty tough. I think it's chemistry. It's going to take us a little more time, obviously, to build some solid chemistry. And then once you get chemistry, you add what you need to that. I think that's what's kind of lacking, because we start out solid every game. We have to find a way to sustain the way we start out."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"We put ourselves in a hole again where we're fighting back. We obviously played well in the first half and were right there. But at some point we went down six or seven — and then you're full-court pressing, trying to make things happen. And I guess the biggest thing is, why do we get to that point? Why can't we sustain and stay even, and even pull ahead? That's more of what we're thinking about. Not necessarily the last few minutes of the game. Why do we get ourselves in that position to begin with?"

"I don't know what they shot for the game, but in the first half they shot 70-some percent. So obviously we didn't make them feel uncomfortable at all. Somehow we have to find some way to get them out of that flow. We shot well and played well on offense. We took care of the ball, knocked down shots and were right there with them. But obviously we needed to find something to make them just stop feeling it. But we obviously didn't do that."

Lynx Forward Tamika Williams
"We just need to play better in the second half, and do some of the same things (as in the first half). I know we ran some different combinations, but we just need to finish off the game better in the second half — by just pushing the ball the way we did, being smart, not forcing anything and getting shots when they come. I think we were successful in that tonight."

"Tina was unstoppable, and that's how she's going to have to play probably every game without Sheryl and Cynthia. She did have 30 points, but when she didn't have the shot she looked to get someone open. I could hear her on the court talking to other players. She really kind of conducts the orchestra out there for them, and I think that's what really helps them win. She's not only able to get what she can get, but that she makes everybody else better. I think Sheryl does a good job of that, too, when she's playing."

Comets Coach Van Chancellor
"That's about as big as it gets. I couldn't be more proud of my team. To deal with what they have dealt with and come out with a win against a great team is great... I don't know if I've ever had a player play tougher than Tina Thompson did tonight."

"Minnesota jumped out on us, and I didn't think they would ever stop scoring. But we dug in and won the game the old-fashioned way. We were really just offense all night — no defense... Minnesota has a very nice team. We beat a very good team tonight — a team that should've beaten L.A. twice. We just dug in. Minnesota had 28 points just like that. We weren't guarding anyone. I was yanking players out right and left. I was ticked off."

"Katie Smith is some kind of player. She had 27, and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. It's a good thing we did a good job of getting her in a bit of foul trouble. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have had 27 — she would've had 67."

"I don't know why we are 14-1 against Minnesota. I can't answer that. I really don't know, but I'm glad we got it. Usually you hear about players needing wins. But tonight, the coach needed a win in a bad way. And we got it the old-fashioned way."

Comets Forward Tina Thompson
"I had no idea how many points I had. I was surprised at the end of the game. So no, I wasn't calling for it. I'm glad with the fact that we pulled this one out. It was a tough game. It's always tough when you play the Lynx here. They're a solid team and they've been playing well — extremely well — at the start of the season. At this point it was one we needed, so it was good for us."

"I wouldn't necessarily say we struggled defensively, but when you have to guard a player like Katie consistently — as well as Svetlana — it's tough. I think Katie gives everybody fits. To say we struggled defensively is probably an overstatement, because Katie's always tough to guard. I don't think she ever has a problem playing well against us. I think overall as a team, we executed what we wanted to do defensively. They just made big shots. But I don't want to take anything away from the efforts of my teammates, either."