Lynx Postgame Quotes: June 6, 2003

Liberty 70, Lynx 60
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"What can you say? Becky Hammon put on a clinic tonight. Hammon was on fire. We put four or five different players on her, but she's a smart player who knows how to get her shot off... In some regards, we beat ourselves."

"The group that was in during our run, they did a good job attacking the zone. Lynn Pride was the difference during that span, getting into the middle of the zone. We needed a spark defensively, and that's what Lynn Pride and Shaun Gortman gave us. Shaun Gortman did a great job on Hammon with her size, forcing a couple turnovers and missed shots."

"I'm surprised at how effective their zone was. Our shooters eyes' should light up. You don't get any better looks than what you get against a zone. We've talked about living and dying by the three-point line. Our two losses, we died behind the three-point line. We were just too passive... If we were hitting those, it's a different ball game."

"Our next three teams play zone, so we have to be prepared on our West Coast road trip. This road trip will tell us a lot about our character. We have two choices: we can dwell on it, or work harder. We talk in the locker room about the belief that we are a good team and we can play with anyone."

Lynx Forward Lynn Pride
"I just felt like I was contributing to my team. Not so much on the bench and helping them out, but me actually out there doing something. It made me feel like I really belong. I'm just glad I was able to do that... I was anxious to get out there. I was just excited in the moment. I really wanted to win. Coach, she's very wise and makes good decisions. So whatever she wants me to do, I just try to do and work harder."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"We didn't do anything special (defensively), and she (Hammon) got some open looks. She made some tough shots going to the hole. We didn't make somebody else beat us. We allowed her to continually have the ball in her hands, and she knocked down her shots. Give her credit. She was hitting and we weren't. We could've done something about it. We just didn't help defensively as a team. We didn't take her away. We allowed her to get to her spots."

"They just outplayed us. We beat ourselves... We look at how we played defensively and offensively, and we're critiquing that. I don't think we're all happy about how we played tonight. Losing in general is disappointing. Just a loss, and knowing how we played... I didn't think we gave ourselves every opportunity to win the game. They played well. They changed things up and made shots, but I don't think we took care of our end. It's disappointing for each and every one of us."

Liberty Coach Richie Adubato
"It was the Becky Hammon Show. First of all, if you hadn't noticed, she had her entire family here. There were some 50 or 100 of them here, and she really put on a show for them. She went 6-of-10 on three-pointers and 12-of-16 from the field... What an unbelievable show. She really had a phenomenal performance. This game should've been on TV. People should've seen her shooting 'threes' like that. It was amazing, the reverse English she had on the ball."

"This is a very good team. They have come back on everyone this year, and they came back on us. I'm happy we stuck with it, executed down the stretch and made big shots. They're a very good team and played hard. They were ice-cold in the first half, but they have far too many shooters to stay that cold. But we are a veteran team. We did what we were supposed to do."

Liberty Guard Becky Hammon
"My teammates did a good job of getting me the ball. I was feeling it. They were looking for me everywhere; they were trying to find me. When you have a night like that it really goes out to everybody, because everybody was looking for me."

"The last game, I came out and struggled from the floor. But shooters shoot. The other night I was 4-for-9... I couldn't throw it in the ocean. So tonight I come out and it seems as big as the ocean. You start to feel it, and everybody did a good job of finding me. I'm very grateful for my teammates, because they were looking for me everywhere."

"We got down early enough in the game that we had time to fight back. They went on a run, but we withstood it. We never gave up that lead, and I think that was important for our mental toughness to never give up that lead."

Liberty Guard Teresa Weatherspoon
"It's extremely important to keep the advantage inside, especially when you have a team that will fight and die for every loose ball. They're going to hit and knock you over to get the ball. I figured that we had to come out and move just a little bit quicker to get to the ball."