Monica Wright shows students that "Breakfast Rules"

Lauren Lang
Lynx Writer

Over 130 fourth and fifth graders from City View Community School were treated to a fun-filled afternoon as the Minnesota Lynx kicked off their WNBA Cares Week with a special "Breakfast Rules Assembly," presented by Old Orchard.

Lynx guard/forward Monica Wright was on-hand to talk to the students about the importance of eating breakfast and how it has helped to properly fuel her busy life as a professional athlete.

"Breakfast is really important for me. As a professional athlete it's the first thing that I put in my body before I walk out of the house." Wright explained, "It is the foundation of my day and I really need it to be a nutritious and healthy part of my diet. It's going to help me get through practice, which is also in the morning."

Midwest Food Connection joined with the Lynx on this initiative and provided the City View students with a presentation on proper breakfast foods and tips to get that morning energy boost.

Wright was the first to admit that she didn't always have a proper breakfast routine. "I think it's important just to make sure that kids know [about breakfast]. As a kid growing up I sometimes didn't eat breakfast, but now I know how important it is to my body, my well-being, my brain - I just think it's important to spread the word and let them know that you can't skip breakfast."

After the breakfast presentation Wright held a Q&A with the students for prizes on the material that was presented to them, after that it was time for fun and games. The children and teachers were surprised with a high-flying dunk show from the Lynx mascot, Prowl. As the music blasted, students and teachers were pulled out of the crowd to participate in Prowl's show.

Once the cheering and excitement subsided the students said their goodbyes to Prowl and the gang and were given prizes and juice thanks to Old Orchard. "I think it's really great that [Old Orchard] came out and took time to do that, because juice as well is very nutritious," said Wright. "That's really big and it speaks well for them, and I thank them for that."

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