Day 3: Staying In Her Lane

Kyle Ratke
Web Editorial Associate

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On the night of the 2014 WNBA Draft, Vanderbilt guard Christina Foggie wasn’t sure when she’d be selected in the draft. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if she would be drafted at all.

The Minnesota Lynx were big enough fans of Foggie’s career at Vanderbilt to draft her 24th overall in the second round. For Foggie, it was a chance for her to join the WNBA and the league’s top team.

“I just heard from my coaches and around that maybe third round, maybe not at all, so I was really, really happy to see, not only second round, but (be picked) by the defending champions,” Foggie said after Tuesday’s practice at the Target Center.

Foggie’s main skill is her 3-point shooting. At Vanderbilt, Foggie had 276 3-pointers, good for first in school history. The Lynx finished the year shooting a league-high 36.5 percent from the 3-point line, but made just 131, ranking ninth in the league.

In her first three days in camp, Foggie has been given the green light from behind the arc from head coach Cheryl Reeve.

“From day one coach has wanted me to stay in my lane, shoot threes and do what I do,” Foggie said. “I just hope I can bring that to them and it’s something that I’ve done for a long time, so I’m very confident to bring that here.”

Right now, Foggie has been getting her fair share of playing time with the team’s starting shooting guard Seimone Augustus being in Russia due to overseas commitment and the injury of Monica Wright.

She’s been able to help show the coaching staff that she fits and that her 3-point shot could be very valuable to the defending champs. Reeve acknowledges while the rookies have all had their moments, there is still a learning curve going from college to the WNBA.

“(Foggie) has her shining moments when she’s able to get off of a screen and shoot a three which she really likes to do,” Reeve said. “You know, at the same time, there’s a lot of learning going on, as brand new, brand new system, brand new teammates, everything.”

It’s a tough thing for some rookies to adjust from being the star on their college team, as opposed to just another player on their WNBA team. That’s not to say the players aren’t talented, but that there are players, especially on the Lynx, that have put their fair share of work in. And the core has been big parts of Minnesota’s two championship runs.

It’s only been three days, but it looks like Foggie has been taking the right route. Trying to learn as much as she can, while still showing the coaches what she can do.

“What I like about Christina is she’s not afraid,” Reeve said. “If she’s locking into what’s necessary, she listens and really tries to apply things, so those are the things you want out of a rookie.”

Quick Hits

  • Reeve said that while there has been some wear down mentally of the young training camp group, there are no injuries besides Wright’s left knee.
  • While it’s a good opportunity for younger players to display their talents with some of the veterans overseas, Reeve said that there’s still a lot of value on having veterans on the court at the same time: “There’s just little things that a veteran does, that, you know, whether it’s how to get open, the angle of a screen, just all of the little things that make the play a success… There is value in having someone else in front of you that knows what the heck they’re doing.”
  • Tomorrow is the 30th birthday of Augustus. The team normally gets cake for birthdays of its players. Reeve said they will wait on the cake until Augustus is here. If there is any extra red velvet, we will try to steal a piece and taste test it. No promises.

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