Reading Time Out: Maya Moore

Andrea Allis
Web Editorial Associate


Fourth and fifth graders at Elizabeth Hall International Elementary were on their best behavior Wednesday as they eagerly awaited Minnesota Lynx forward Maya Moore, who came to read a story to the class.

“They couldn’t wait to get up here,” said Jenny Kraft, fifth grade teacher at Elizabeth Hall. “I’ve never seen them come in so quietly and wait like that. The attention they gave her was amazing to me.”

Moore said she was excited for the opportunity to interact with the kids “and hopefully encourage them to keep reading and enjoy reading.”

Moore’s Reading Time-Out was supported by Hennepin County Medical Center and is part of the WNBA's Read to Achieve program. Alongside Lynx Radio’s John Focke, Moore read “Salt in his Shoes,” a children’s book about Michael Jordan during his childhood, and handed out books and signed posters to the class. Students also had the opportunity to ask Maya questions, with topics ranging from her own childhood to her interests outside of basketball, and of course, her career as a professional athlete.

Through programs like Read to Achieve, the WNBA and its teams and players are able to show their support of educational initiatives, something very important to Moore, who comes from a family of several teachers. She said she shares that passion for helping kids learn that she sees in her family.

“Reading is a skill that, I think, sets people apart in the world,” said Moore. “Whether it’s a street sign, whether it’s directions, whether it’s an application, you’re going to need to know how to read at a high level if you want to … succeed in life.”

Kraft said that, in addition to emphasizing the importance of reading, Moore’s visit may have made some new young fans out of her students.

“The WNBA is new to a few of them. But after today, I know they’re going to be listening for her name and listening for the Lynx,” said Kraft.

And Moore is happy to be able to connect with them on both levels: “Either way, whether it’s at the arena or in the classroom, I love both.”

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