Maya Moore is definitely staying busy during the offseason. One of the things she loves to do is answer YOUR questions. Check out what Maya had to say about some of the questions Lynx fans asked, including her favorite dish at Buffalo Wild Wings, and when she knew the Lynx could win it all in 2011.

Q1. At what point did you realize that the Minnesota Lynx could win it all this year?

Maya Moore: I always thought that we had a chance to win a championship. We definitely had the capability. But when that horn went off in that final game versus the Atlanta Dream, I was in shock. It was unbelievable.

Q2. What is your favorite thing to do now that the season is over?

Maya Moore: I love to spend time with my family.

Q3. How does it feel to be a WNBA Champion and Rookie of the Year and to accomplish that in just your first season?

Maya Moore: I feel extremely blessed to have been put in such a great position coming into my first year in the WNBA. We had such a great group of players and a great coaching staff, and we all bought into the same goal: to win a WNBA championship. We worked so hard to get there.

Q4. What position will you be playing for with Ros Casares Valencia in January?

Maya Moore: I will be playing small forward.

Q5. What aspect of your basketball ability do you want to improve upon the most?

Maya Moore: I want to become a better defender.

Q6. What is your holiday wish this year?

Maya Moore: I want to continue to have great people around me. Oh, and red velvet cupcakes.

Q7. What was your favorite city to play in this season?

Maya Moore: My favorite city to play in was Atlanta.

Q8. What improvements to the WNBA would you like to see made happen to attract more fans?

Maya Moore: I think one improvement would be to raise the awareness to our fans by getting more of our games on television, letting fans know when teams are playing or what teams are coming to town. The overall awareness of the league needs to reach more people.

Q9. What is your favorite thing to order at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Maya Moore: I don't eat at Buffalo Wild Wings very much. I love Chipotle and get a chicken burrito.

Q10. What is the major difference between the college level and the WNBA level?

Maya Moore: It's such a higher level of competition. It's much more intense. You have to be on your guard every minute.

Q11. What did you like most about Minnesota?

Maya Moore: It's such a beautiful place to live.

Q12. What shoe size do you wear?

Maya Moore: I wear size 13 in women's.

Q13. What was your favorite regular season moment of 2011?

Maya Moore: My favorite moments were Lindsay and Taj's game-winning shots versus San Antonio.

Q14. What is your favorite thing about playing basketball?

Maya Moore: I love when my teammates and I get into a flow and everything is clicking. It's magical.

Q15. What would you tell young girls who dream of being the next “Maya Moore?”

Maya Moore: I would tell young girls that it's more about your character than anything. It's about playing hard and being smart. That's the winning combination.

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