Q&A with Seimone Augustus

Lynxbasketball.com recently caught up with 2006 WNBA Rookie of the Year Seimone Augustus as she helps the U.S. Senior National team head into the medal round at the 2006 World Championships of Basketball being held in Brazil.

What is it like representing your country in international competition?

It's always a great opportunity to wear the colors of your country. It means a lot me and every other player that gets an opportunity to play on the USA Basketball team. Just to be able come to Brazil and see how excited the fans are about women's basketball and about the US playing each and every night is always a wonderful experience. The excitement says a lot about where women's basketball is and where it's going.

What is your first U.S. Senior Women's National Team experience like?

My first experience has been a great one. Just to be able to be on a team with a group of young women like Tina, Sheryl, and DeLisha and to learn from them is fun. It's a wonderful experience that has been exciting thus far.

How is this experience different from your other USA Basketball experiences?

This experience is definitely different than the previous USAB teams that I've played on, which were University teams comprised of college players. On those teams I was a go-to player and a starter. Someone who was expected to contribute a little bit more than I am now. My role has changed into more of a learning position in which I am able to gain a lot of experience while preparing for the'08 Olympics, the ’10 World Games, and the '12 Olympics.

How is it being one of the youngest players on the team again?

It's definitely a tough task being one of the youngest players on the team, because we always get picked on for being the youngest players on the team. Another part of being one of the “youngsters” is (after having been the leaders on other teams) that we are actually going through the learning experience and learning process again.

Who are the teams to watch in the World Champs medal rounds?

I believe the teams to watch are the US, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic and Russia.

What will it take for the US team to win the Gold Medal?

For us to win the Gold Medal this year, it will take offensive and defensive execution, but mostly defensive execution. The teams that are competing for the medals have some great shooters, and we have to be able to defend in order to start our offensive breaks. So basically, we must stay focused on the defensive end in order to get our offensive execution & offensive attack going.

What is it like in Brazil?

Brazil is a wonderful place, it started out hot but it rained one day and has cooled down since. But it's a very beautiful place; the people here are excited, the atmosphere is fun. Hopefully I get to come back and visit Rio, everybody says it's a beautiful place. Thus far, everything's been great here!

Have you had a chance to catch up with any of your other Lynx teammates who are playing for other countries (Svet, Nuria Martinez, Kristi Harrower)?

I actually haven't had a chance to catch up with many of my Lynx teammates yet. I've seen Svet since I've been here, and we talked a little bit, but not as much as we talk in the states.

What type of food are you eating in Brazil? Any there Subway sandwich shops in Brazil?

The food we're eating is mainly rice, pasta and some kind of steak. There are no Subways here, but there is a McDonald's, an Outback [Steakhouse], and a TGI Friday's. Basically, my mom and I have been living off of the dinner that the hotel provides or McDonald's.

What was your first season in the WNBA like?

My first season in the WNBA was a great experience! We had a lot of ups and downs, but I enjoyed playing the game, and playing in the WNBA, which is something, I'd been looking forward to for years. Hopefully next year we can continue to improve and be a contender in the playoffs.

This off-season, you are heading over to Russia. Are you looking forward to playing in Russia? What other WNBA players will be on your Russian team?

I'm definitely looking forward to playing in Russia this off-season. It's a new experience for me, being over there without my friends and family, and just being able to focus on my craft; playing basketball and getting better at it. My American teammate in Russia will be Rebekkah Brunson from the Sacramento Monarchs.

Anything else you want to say to your Lynx fans?

Lynx fans… I hope you enjoyed the Q& A session. Make sure you buy some tickets for the 2007 Lynx season because it’s going to be special. I'll get back to you at a later date.

Thank you!