Practice Report: Tuesday, July 3

Andrea Allis
Social Media Associate


After kicking off a tough week with a loss to the Silver Stars down in San Antonio, the Lynx took to their home practice floor at the LifeTime Fitness Training Center today to refocus and reenergize for their upcoming road game against Los Angeles.

"We got in today and we got after it," said guard Monica Wright. "You know, it was a battle today, and I think Coach came in and set the tone as soon as she walked into practice about what today was going to be like, and I think everybody responded."

The day's practice included full-court scrimmages against the Lynx male practice squad in which the team simulated the last five minutes of a game in order to work on their execution down the stretch. Against San Antonio on Sunday, the Lynx fought back from an early deficit but were unable to get the job done in the game's final minutes.

"It didn't feel very good to not be able to, in the last five minutes of the game, execute," said Reeve. "It was, like, four and a half [minutes] to go, and we were just down four points with the ball, and we were just not getting execution, so that's been a lot of the focus today. Same thing as what happened in Seattle."

Wright said that practicing those situations will help the Lynx avoid similar fates as they finish up this week in Los Angeles on Thursday and back home for Eastern Conference-leading Connecticut on Saturday.

"The final five minutes of the game is always just a mental grind," said Wright. "That's kind of what we practiced. And the more you practice it, the better you get at it, and the better you'll be able to execute it in the end of the game, [because] the last five minutes of most games is what's the most important."

With the fast-approaching Olympic break, the Lynx are also focusing on playing top-notch basketball in the four remaining games before the break. After their matchups with the Sparks and the Sun, the Lynx face the Tulsa Shock for two games on July 10 and 12 before heading into just over a month off for the Olympics.

"I think we've got to get that feeling of playing great basketball," said Reeve. "And that gives us a bounce in our step in the break, and that gets you coming out of it really strong. So I want to play great basketball these next four games and I want to be better than what we were in the first three, four weeks of the season."

Reeve said it's more about how the team is playing and less about the result, but she hopes that cleaning up some specific aspects of their game amounts to a few wins for the team before the break.

"I want to see in these next four games a sense of hunger to win. I don't want to get out-hungered, if you will, in any of these games. And I think if we have that focus of wanting to win more than the opponent, we'll have success."

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