Offseason Spotlight: Lindsay Whalen

Editor's Note: Throughout the offseason, will catch up with members of the organization and give you a look into how their winters are going. this week, we catch up with Lindsay Whalen who is playing in Turkey this offseason.

After playing in Prague the last few years, you made the move to Turkey this offseason. Whatís the biggest difference between the two countries?

Right now the biggest difference in the two countries is just the size of the city of Istanbul. It is one of the biggest cities in the world so we have been getting adjusted to figuring out how to get around the city. So far I have getting to our practice gym down, our game gym and the two malls that are really close to us here! Just last night we found a great new restaurant that is two blocks away from our house! We had planned to check out a new restaurant in the city but we had some rain and windy weather here and since it was Saturday night, all of the cabs in Istanbul were busy. We just looked online for what is close to us and we found this one. We ended up having some great pizza and tried a few different salads and appetizers. So glad we ended up finding that place... and they deliver! haha.

What do you miss most about Minnesota?

The thing I miss the most about Minnesota is my family. With Thanksgiving being last week, it is a time for everyone to be around family so that always is a little tough this time of year. That is one of the downfalls of what we do playing overseas. But we make the best of it through lots of phone calls and emails to stay in touch with our families. Other than that I don't really miss the cold and snow! I would love to be going to some of the winter sporting events in the Twin Cities but I can always watch those on TV!

You did it in Prague as well, but itís it like playing in Euroleague in the midst of your regular season? Is game preparation any different?

So far I have been getting used to a new team and how we prepare for games. I have been working on my routine of things for the last 3 weeks. Each game gets a little more comfortable! Each Euroleague game and each Turkish league game is always the biggest game of the season, so you have to prepare like it is and that is one of the biggest keys to being successful and staying consistent in your play.

Have you been following the local sports at all? How tough is it to keep up with things in Minnesota given the time difference?

Of course I have been following the Minnesota sports over here! I just finished the replay of the Wolves vs. Golden State and last night, we watched the Gopher Men's basketball game and the football game as well. We were flipping between the two games last night. It was late but worth it because we got to watch the games. Tonight we will be watching the Vikings game vs. the Bears. It starts at 8pm here for us so it is like having the game in primetime! Then we have the internet for reading articles as well as both Twitter and Facebook, so I stay really connected. The only hard time is when we are on the road and the internet is not as good at the hotels. But when I am home it is really easy with Slingbox and live streaming of some games.

With Christmas right around the corner, does your family have a holiday tradition that you still try to maintain?

We have a lot of Christmas traditions... mostly around food! My mom always makes egg bake and some caramel rolls, and we have a big brunch on Christmas morning. We usually have prime rib, seafood or lasagna for dinner. It kind of changes every year. On Christmas Eve at Ben's familyís house, we always have oyster stew for lunch and either seafood or lasagna for dinner. We always play some kind of card or board game with Ben's family as well. Of course, we also do present openings at both of our families houses. Leading up to Christmas, I always like to watch Christmas Vacation and Home Alone to get into the spirit. Two of my favorite movies!

As a kid, Christmas is all about the presents. What was your favorite present growing up?

My favorite present that I can remember when I was growing up probably when we got our first Nintendo and the first few games. I remember running around and going crazy when we got that. That is my best memory by far!

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