Lynx Stars Kick Off Community Fit Program

By Menzie Henderson
Lynx Writer

After a grueling game of fitness style "Simon Says," led by Lynx forward Rebekkah Brunson, Rebekkah successfully proved to over 300 students from Seward Elementary School that she was indeed the most physically fit. Brunson put a smile on every child's face, proving that physical activity can be fun, while also conveying the important messages of staying physically fit, eating healthy and living an active lifestyle in the first "Lynx Fit" community event that took place on Tuesday, June 29th.

The Minnesota Lynx Fit program is a five-week initiative aimed at educating youth on the importance of physical fitness, eating healthy, education and reading.

The students happily agreed with Brunson, who demonstrated that reading and eating healthy are all very important, while showing her fondness of the Twilight book series and grapes as her favorite fruit.

Several goals of the initiative include improving health conditions associated with poor nutrition and lack of regular physical activity, promoting healthy food choices, increasing fitness through regular activity and improving access and dissemination of information regarding nutrition and fitness for youth and adults.

Brunson explained the importance of taking care of your body, reflecting on her own experience that led her to become successful and maintain a healthy body.

"When I was in college, I then realized that the dream of becoming a professional basketball player was obtainable, and that is when I really needed to focus on eating healthy and doing the necessary exercise to keep my body right and going strong to take me to the next level." Brunson said.

Lynx players Lindsay Whalen and Seimone Augustus also participated in the event as they introduced the program to over 250 students at Bryn Mawr Elementary School. Through fun and interactive games, the three Lynx players will educate the students on the importance of staying physically fit, eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

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