Lynx Go Green

Lynx Writer

As part of the WNBA's Go Green week the Minnesota Lynx celebrated the beginning of summer and the kickoff of their season by visiting children and their families at Ronald McDonald house in Minneapolis.

Vibrant Lynx players Candice Wiggins and Alexis Hornbuckle spent a recent sunny afternoon helping children make ice cream, water plants and play outside at one of the gardens, among the four houses that make up Ronald McDonald House. "We helped them make ice cream - they did all the hard work earlier by picking the strawberries and crushing up the Oreos for toppings," Hornbuckle laughed. "We just came in and lent them a hand to churn the ice cream."

Ronald McDonald House recently started their summer events schedule, which allows families to embark on the numerous field trips that are scheduled each week. "We have a summer program which goes from June to August, and we go on about three field trips a week," explained Katy Daily, family services coordinator at Ronald McDonald House. "We did strawberry picking in the morning and now we're making homemade ice cream with the Oreos and the strawberries that we picked with the kids."

Wiggins and Hornbuckle wasted no time making friends as they injected themselves into the different activities the kids were partaking in outside. Wiggins helped children churn ice cream, which made her reminisce about her childhood. "Homemade ice cream is the best! It's made with love and a lot of strength. I had to take my jacket off, because it was really tiring, but it's awesome and it tastes so good," exclaimed Wiggins and after digging into her first bite she was instantly brought back to her younger years, "It's just like I remembered...incredible. It's so good."

Hornbuckle recruited a couple kids to help water the variety of plants and flowers, and even jumped on one of the community bicycles to show off a couple tricks. Between the nice weather, ice cream and special guests, children and families of Ronald McDonald house showed their favorite Lynx players their appreciation. "Whenever we have an outside source come in, like all the sports figures, it's so much fun. The kids look up to them so much and it's nice to see the community recognize the house," expressed Daily.

Wiggins illustrated how Ronald McDonald House holds a special place in her heart, "It's a place I love to come and visit and it's a really inspiring place for anyone to come - to everyone out there check out your local city and figure out how you can come and contribute to Ronald McDonald House, because it's an awesome thing that McDonald's has come up with, and since my senior year of high school I've been coming."

During Green Week the WNBA strives to promote awareness about the environment, with each team participating in different hands-on community service projects and wearing Adidas environmentally friendly apparel on the court.

Fans, be sure to show your support and head out to the Go Green game on Sunday night June 26 at 6:00pm when you're Minnesota Lynx take on the Indiana Fever.

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