Editor’s Note: Throughout the 2013 season, the Lynx Radio Network and LynxBasketball.com will highlight Lynx season ticket members who have been ticket holders for all 15 seasons through a Fan Spotlight series. Look for these interviews, conducted by Cal Soderquist, Kyle Ratke and Mark Remme, to be archived on LynxBasketball.com each Monday during the year. Today’s feature highlights Fred and Carol Berg. Two fans that have made plenty of friends as season ticket members.

Audio:Fred and Carol Berg

Why did you sign up for tickets 15 seasons ago?

Fred: "We have a young daughter, she was young at the time. She was struggling a little bit in school and role models; we wanted her to realize that young women that weren't models could also be excellent role models. And I happened to be the assistant girls coach at the time and I knew a little bit about basketball, so we basically bought season tickets for our daughter and it worked."

What was it like cheering for the team early on when they were struggling a bit?

Fred: "At the end of every year, we'd get together as small groups of season ticket members and say 'this team has got a future'... It kept going on and on and one like that and then Seimone came and that was really the turning point and then we got Brunson and obviously everyone ever that but the caliber of basketball just dramatically improved."

Have you seen the league's talent level evolve?

Fred: "Especially because they are getting young, new talent. The caliber of basketball has improved so dramatically with the influx of all of these fantastically talented women players."

Have you gained friends along the way?

Carol: "One of our very good friends who is two seats and two rows down from us, she and I got together for lunch today because we have been together for so long."

Fred: "One of the other families we've gotten to know through the years are originals too. As a matter of fact, she was interviewed earlier. They came to both of our kids' weddings. That's the kind of thing that happens. We were saying today, half the fun is coming and seeing people that you know and I don't even know all of their names. But it doesn't matter; we just have a really good time together."

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