Editorís Note: Throughout the 2013 season, the Lynx Radio Network and LynxBasketball.com will highlight Lynx season ticket members who have been ticket holders for all 15 seasons through a Fan Spotlight series. Look for these interviews, conducted by Cal Soderquist, to be archived on LynxBasketball.com each Monday during the year. Todayís feature highlights Amy Briggs who thinks the Lynx are the best deal in town.

Audio:Amy Briggs

Why did you decide to buy season tickets 15 years ago?

ďIím a big supporter of womenís athletics. (I) wanted to bring great womenís basketball to the state of Minnesota and Iím a big Minnesota sports fan. Everything back to the Minnesota Kicks, so the opportunity to bring another team to Minnesota was too good to pass up.Ē

What is it about being a season ticket member that you enjoy?

ďI think dollar for dollar, this is the best entertainment we have for sports in this state. Itís a better quality basketball than anything else that weíve got and itís more entertaining. The players are accessible, they are real and itís a great atmosphere. Itís been better the last couple of years, but itís always been fun.Ē

Have you seen the game grow and evolve at all through the years?

ďThe players are bigger, stronger, faster, but I think thatís with every sport, but itís been fun to watch the womenís game evolve. I also think the fanbase has evolved. We went from a handful of crazy basketball fans to families and you know guys that come and watch and realize women can play basketball and itís not just a girlís game. Itís basketball, they play hard.Ē

What is it about this team thatís so special?

ďItís unbelievable. These women play, Jim Petersen said after we won the tournament that he didnít know how he was going to do color commentating for the Wolves after watching Taj McWilliams at 40 years old get an IV after the first half of the first Finals game and then come out and score 12 or 13 points or something like that. And then they play and Rebekkah Brunson barely made the parade and she was overseas playing. They play 52 weeks a year and barely take time off and they just go. They love this game. This is the premiere league. This is where they want to be. Every player wants to be here and the talent shows it. We just get great basketball here. Itís phenomenal.Ē

What would you tell someone else who was thinking about getting season tickets?

ďWell, as I said before, the entertainment value is phenomenal. The quality of the game is phenomenal and the Lynx staff is a really good staff. They have evolved as the team has evolved over the years. Season ticket holders get taken care of and we get appreciated. The season ticket holder Christmas party is a lot of fun. There is usually an event or two in the summer. You get to meet the players and talk to them and the coaches. Itís a great way to meet the professional athletes and have a lot of fun.Ē

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