Editor’s Note: Throughout the 2013 season, the Lynx Radio Network and LynxBasketball.com will highlight Lynx season ticket members who have been ticket holders for all 15 seasons through a Fan Spotlight series. Look for these interviews, conducted by Cal Soderquist, to be archived on LynxBasketball.com each Monday during the year. Today’s feature highlights Sally Tavernier, a fan who has been an advocate for the sport.

Audio: Sally Tavernier Spotlight

Why did you first sign up for season tickets 15 years ago?

"I was always a lover of basketball. I played basketball myself back in the 70s and I wanted to support women's basketball. I follow college basketball. Basketball is a love of my heart so it encouraged me that we had a women's team here. I was just excited. I bought three season tickets the first year. It was a great season. They didn't win much but it was still a great season. It's been fun to watch them grow as a team and the Lynx really are a team, there's no 'I' out there right now on that floor. Everybody plays as a team. We have so many outstanding players, but yet there is no one that is trying to be the superstar. There's nobody that can't score 20 points with the first six or seven players, so that is remarkable. Fifteen or 20 years ago, a guard was not six feet tall. If you were six feet tall, you played center and you got to play all the time. It's great to watch the whole game just evolve and change. I didn't play when there was three on each side, but it's so different now, the physicalness of it and stuff. One of the best things about it I think, at work, everyone comes in now saying, 'how are those Lynx playing?' and stuff like that, but another really cool thing is there's so many of the guys who come in to see me at work and they go 'how come there's no more press on these guys, I mean they are the only winning team in Minnesota?' There's a lot of excitement out there to for people that don't even follow the game. They are excited for the Minnesota Lynx and women's basketball because a lot of them have daughters. The Lynx have really made it a family-oriented thing. They really care about families. To me that's cool and close to my heart. I just love basketball. I love watching them play."

Is this team a pretty easy team to cheer for?

"It is because when you can have not just one superstar or two superstars, that's really what makes a team because the other people on the team count on each other, so if someone's having a bad night, anyone can have a bad night, and when you're having a bad night, it's bad, nothing goes in no matter what you do it seems like. But we have so much talent out there; the next person doesn't even have to step up because they are there. I mean, they are just good. "

How do you feel about the Lynx staff? Do you feel like you've gotten great service?"

"I do, I mean Erin and Zach both have called me many times and they are always keeping me in touch on what's going on in the future. So, all I can say is more people should come out and watch the Lynx. They are a great team and it's not just little basketball, this is big-time basketball and if you want to see someone really play as a team. It's aggressive out there, when you put a bunch of six-foot people out there, it's not just 'excuse me, get out of my way' it's tough out there. I'm glad I'm not out there still playing. I'd be beat up."

Do you feel like the people you sit by is kind of a family?

"Actually, our group is actually probably one of the biggest groups out there. The people I've sat with I've sat by for 15 years. We've seen grandkids grow up. We've seen sons become professional football players, we have a great group of people.... It's just like family."

Any final thoughts?

"Come to the game. It's great."

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