Editor’s Note: Throughout the 2013 season, the Lynx Radio Network and LynxBasketball.com will highlight Lynx season ticket members who have been ticket holders for all 15 seasons through a Fan Spotlight series. Look for these interviews, conducted by Cal Soderquist, to be archived on LynxBasketball.com each Monday during the year. Today’s feature highlights Florence Brammer, who has made many memories as a season ticket member.

Audio: Florence Brammer Spotlight

How did you get started in becoming a season ticket member?

"I have three daughters and they have all been involved in Girl Scouts and my youngest daughter had an outing here and I came as one of the parents, in fact one of the co-leaders and we were just smitten right from the beginning. I'm not sure how we fell asleep on the job and missed that inaugural season, but once we came that for that second season, we just loved it and came ever since."

How would you describe the fan base in the early years?

"The fan support has always had a rabid base and I mean that in the best possible way. It was very much grassroots, that's a good way to put it. For example, I think it was maybe the third year of the franchise, we had a house party and some of the players and coaches came to our house and sat in our living room and we invited friends and tried to get them hooked into the fun and the athleticism, then there were season ticket picnics that were very homey. Fortunately, I don't mind that the franchise has grown beyond that, that's a very good thing. The quality of the support we've gotten from the staff has been top notch. Send an email, usually get an answer within seconds. Even if I send it to the wrong person, which I tend to do. Great experience from then up until now."

Obviously that meeting at your house was a great memory. Can you think of any other great memories you've had as a season ticket member?

"These season ticket holder picnics were wonderful. I remember one year I made a mixed CD of all the music that is played during timeouts and jump balls and halftime and I burnt them and gave them to all the players . Another time I remember The Great Basketball Dribble. My youngest daughter went to a Russian language camp for many years, and so Svetlana Abrosimova was at the basketball dribble and my daughter asked 'what is some Russian pop music you think I might like?' Svet said, 'I'll make you a mix.' You think 'sure, she's going to make a mix.' I think the next couple days the Lynx started like a 10 game road trip or something. And my daughter got (a mixed CD) in the mail like four days later from a WNBA player... Can you imagine an NBA player sitting in his hotel room after a road game making a mixed tape? I don't think so. "

Have you built friendships throughout the seasons?

"Absolutely, we've become very good friends with one couple. We socialize with. We've bonded with the people around us. They laughingly, 'someone was sitting in your seat. I made them move before you got here.' It's very fun, we all talk together. It's very family friendly, obviously the athleticism and quality of play is just fabulous, but it's also just a really nice family evening out. "

Any final thoughts?

"Looking forward to winning the championship this year."

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