Lynx - Comets Postgame


WNBA Post-Game Quotes Minnesota vs. Houston June 21, 2008 @ Target Center

Houston 72 MINNESOTA 65

Minnesota Coach Don Zierden:
"(We need to) go home and sleep, get ready for a good practice on Monday. It was about 3:30 our time when we left Detroit this morning. Coming off a back-to-back, I'm going to give the girls the day off. As you saw, we didn't have good legs. We'll take tomorrow off and come back on Monday."

"Candice was the only player to show us anything early. We tried to play everyone in the first. We were looking for someone to give us some energy. Candice was the first one to really give that spark off the bench, and later on Rasmussen. Candice has been playing consistently against everyone this season. Tonight wasn't one of her better shooting nights, but she attacked the rim and got to the line 17 times tonight. We needed her energy to get us back in the ballgame in the first half."

"I kept hoping. One time specifically was when we were down seven or nine, got a steal but missed the layup. We kept hoping. I don't think we stopped working. We were digging down as deep as we could. But we didn't have that extra gear that they could go to tonight. We kept waiting for a 'three' to go in or that layup that didn't go in. Early on, it was free throws that we were missing all over the place. As a coach, it's frustrating. You try different combinations that you hope will get you back in the ballgame. I thought I had found that group late in the first half, but they didn't carry it over to the second."

"We had a run there right at the end of the half where we cut it to two, but then we turned the ball over a couple of times. I wouldn't say we were distracted, but we had a could of key turnovers at times we normally don't."

"We're a .500 ballclub in the Western Conference. We're not where we were last year but we're not where we want to be this year. I told the players a few days ago that we're a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of group. That's the kind of coach I am. It's never as good as it seems, and it's never as bad as it seems. We're right in between and we are a 6-6 ballclub. In the Western Conference, we're still hanging in there. This upcoming week is a big week for us at home. We have to get this thing righted and take care of ourselves at home."

Minnesota Guard Candice Wiggins:
"It was one of those games where every shot seems to roll out... Whenever you miss shots, you have to continue to think about the big picture."

"(Being a leader) is something I've been used to doing. It's easy for me when you have people around you to give you that energy you need... We're hungry and ready to win. We're not down on each other. We're really trying to pick each other up instead of pointing fingers. We're frustrated because we want to win."

"That is the biggest difference from the collegiate level to the pros. At Stanford we had back-to-back losses, and they were treated as the end of the universe. It's something that will come with playing in the professional ranks... We really should have won Friday's game. But for me, I'm ready to go. We can't blame our losses on having back-to-backs. It's just how the season is."

Minnesota Guard Anna DeForge:
"We can't listen to outside voices. We have to stay focused on each other and this team. We have to play better and find ways to win. Right now we have to find a way to win and get back on the right track."

Minnesota Guard Lindsey Harding:
"I'm just getting my timing back. Whenever you take any time off, whether it's a week or whatever, it takes a while. I took six months off and started playing again and finally got my timing back a month into it. It's frustrating. But as far as my speed, quickness and how I feel, I feel great... I felt good. It's up to them. I felt better the first game than this game. I don't know whether it was because of a back-to-back or not. It'll come and go."

Houston Coach Karleen Thompson:
"We needed that. The players came out and played hard. We had a lapse in there and let them come back. I don't know what it was, but they fought hard to come back. They did a great job and they are a tough team. This is the type of team that I think is scariest, they fight and they don't go away and continue to fight through the whole way. I think we did a good job of coming back in the second half and staying focused and trying to control the tempo of the game."

"It's a team thing, but we definitely were thankful for (Johnson's) shots going in. But as a team we wanted to win the battle on the boards and they did a good job of that. We have some things we have to fix. They crashed the boards and got too many offensive rebounds, but as a team in the second half we stayed together and stopped worrying about the calls and just played basketball."

"You look at the game and there are a lot of little things, but you just have to keep playing, continue to attack and hope you get the calls... I'm not surprised at all because no lead is safe in this league, but this team is so talented and hungry that we knew the lead wasn't safe. We expected them to make a run at some point, and they did. So it wasn't a surprise at all."

"You just have to make (Augustus) work on the defensive end and hope she gets tired enough where she doesn't have the legs to make shots. Other than that, I don't know what you can do. I think Maiga-Ba did a good job containing her."

Houston Forward Tina Thompson:
"I wasn't surprised because they are a good team. I think six points in the first quarter is the worst in their franchise history, and that probably means they didn't play as well as they are capable of playing. I think the second quarter was more reminiscent of how they play. They came out, made shots and got back in the game."

"We just had to pick up things defensively. We did a good job of staying on the offensive boards, but basketball is a game of runs. We aren't gong to hold them to six points for four quarters. They are going to make shots and be in the game. We were on the road and we just kind of had to bear down, get some stops and convert on the offensive end."

"On a lot of their plays, they pass the ball into the post to go inside out. We double-teamed the post to get the ball out of their hands, which initiated some of our offense. It wasn't that we were necessarily keying on a certain player, we were just trying to stop them from getting to the next part of their offense."

Houston Guard Shannon Johnson:
"I think we just needed a win on the road. Minnesota is a great, young team that is playing well right now. They had a tough game last night that went into overtime, so we wanted to attack. I thought we did well in the first quarter, but in the second quarter they jumped on us and came back. They are a team that is going to always fight. We knew they were going to fight, and I thought we kept our composure well in the second half."

"We just have to rely on each other and play together. We are a good team. Coach always tells us to stay together and work hard for 40 minutes."

"I just tried to be a little more aggressive. I got to the basket in the first half and passed the ball out because I was trying to get everyone involved; that's my job. In the second half I looked for my shot because Coach told me to go out there and shoot the ball."

"(Wiggins) is a good player. She works hard and brings a lot of energy from the bench. She tries to get her whole team involved in the game, and she did a good job of that tonight."