Lynx Writer

The WNBA's Green Week had a goal to raise awareness about the environment and there isn't a better group of individuals who put their heart and soul into improving the globe than the Mother Earth Water Walkers.

On April 20, 2011 Sharon Day and the Water Walkers began with a prayer and started on a mission to heal the waters of our nation. Exactly one year after the tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Day and the Water Walkers embarked on an extraordinary journey to converge our country's sacred and clean water at Lake Superior.

"The Mother Earth Water Walk was a walk from the four directions, bringing the healing salt water to Lake Superior and our purpose in doing that was to raise awareness about what's happening with our water and ground water," Sharon Day said. "We want to urge people to conserve the water and to try to end some of the pollution."

Sharon started her mission on the beach of Gulf Port, Mississippi and after walking for 47 days straight with a hand-carried pail of water; she finally made her addition to the waters for a special ceremony to celebrate and cherish the clean waters.

"We had a ceremony, we made an offering. We combined all the waters from the Pacific, the Gulf, the Atlantic, and the Arctic Hudson Bay, and poured them into a container and then we went out onto the Lake [Superior] and poured the water into the lake and when we did that, I felt like really lonely because we had carried that water for so long and taken such good care of it and then all of the sudden it was gone," Day explained. "One of the Grandmother's said...'well, who knows how many days it will take for this water to reach the Atlantic Ocean again, but the healing has begun."

Day and the Water Walkers came together to raise awareness about an issue that is often overlooked. Our water has been continuously polluted over the years, which has taken a major toll on our overall water quality. Many do not understand that water can be precious, but the Mother Earth Water Walkers are very adamant in keeping it safe and clean as one of the basic elements for all life to exist.

"The water problems that we are experiencing today are just going to continue so we really had kind of a spiritual basis for our walk and that was to ensure that our children's, children's, children's would have water to drink," Day addressed.

In honor of Sharon's courageous and admirable act, the Minnesota Lynx honored her at mid-court on Sunday night's game against the Indiana Fever. Day received a well-deserved ovation from the fans for her accomplishment and reflected on her rewarding moment.

"I'm a Lynx fan, so it's really special. And I expect them to win! I expect them to go to the championship!" Day happily exclaimed.

Let's hope the Lynx can live up to Day's expectations and return the favor for her commendable effort.

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