Getting to Know Noelle and Shay

We spoke to two of the newest Lynx players, draft picks Noelle Quinn and Eshaya Murphy, after their introductory press conference at Target Center Thursday afternoon.


MT: What do you think of your brand new pair of Croc shoes from Coach Z?
Quinn: I always have looked at these shoes on people thinking, "Why do people wear these?" I've heard they're comfortable and I've seen Shay in hers all the time. But, I just probably won't be wearing them. Shay will probably have mine on too.

MT: Fair enough. Let's talk about the Draft quickly. You saw Lindsey Harding go first to Phoenix, but you couldn't have known she'd been traded to Minnesota. Then you hear your name at No. 4. What were you thinking?
Quinn: I was in the back, so I heard she got traded when we were taking our pictures or something. I was excited about that. It was shocking because I didn't know that was going to happen. At the same time, I'm like, we're going to have a good rookie class coming in.

MT: And with Seimone Augustus and the rest of the Lynx players, it looks like a team that could be good for several years.
Quinn: Seimone is a great player...a franchise player. She's the face of this program. We have Tamika Williams as a great leader. And Svet, I could say she's a leader. With Nicole Ohlde and AJ and Duffy, the team has the elements in place that we need to put together a good squad for the future.

MT: In other news, what's on your Tivo?
Quinn: Tivo... you know, we have Grey's Anatomy on Tivo. I haven't watched it in awhile though. I've been a little busy. We actually had to Tivo some of the March Madness games because we weren't there.

MT: Your UCLA squad got taken out by Florida in the Final Four again, huh? Did that one hurt?
Quinn: Yeah, it hurt bad. I wasn't able to watch the game but I heard that they didn't play well. Arron Afflalo got in foul trouble a little early. There were a lot of key things that happened that burst our bubble a little bit. But, they had a great run again. Of course, no one believed in them, didn't think they could make it back there. But, they did and I'm excited for them. The future of that program is on the up and up.

MT: You're the only player in UCLA history to have 1,700+ points, 700+ rebounds and 400+ assists in your career. Does that mean that you're better than Bill Walton, Reggie Miller, Baron Davis, etc...
Quinn: Were those guys all didn't stay four years. But yeah, when I heard that I was surprised. I sat out about 10 games my freshmen year, and I couldn't believe that I had that many points. It made me feel great. It made me think that I accomplished a lot.

MT: Are you all finished with school?
Quinn: Actually yes, I'm done with school. We're on a quarter system. The new quarter just started, and I'm done, stepping into the real world.

MT: Congratulations! So you haven't spent any time in Minnesota before, but you said you're going to take your first paycheck to the Mall of America, right?
Quinn: The Mall of America, that's where I'm going to go!

MT: What are a couple stores you like?
Quinn: I'm not a big shopper actually, as far as apparel. I get a lot of shoes though. I like Foot Locker and all those places. I get Adidas Shell toes. I have them in a lot of different colors.

MT: Shay was telling me she doesn't like to wear dress up shoes...
Quinn: (Laughs) She's always in her Crocs! Me too, I don't like to dress up. Well, I like to dress up every now and then. Like, yesterday I had on heels, but I can't do that everyday.

MT: What happens if you play Eshaya Murphy one-on-one?
Quinn: I don't know. It would be a good game. I'm not a good one-on-one player, let's put it like that.

MT: In fact, one thing all the coaches were talking about yesterday is your passing....
Quinn: I guess I'm a team player. If I make a good pass, and someone finishes it and the crowd enjoys it I get a kick out of that as opposed to me making the shot.

MT: So who is your favorite NBA player?
Quinn: All-time? Magic Johnson. That Showtime in the eighties, I grew up watching him. I'm an eighties kid.

MT: Yes, you're from L.A. so you got to watch him growing up.
Quinn: Magic in general, what he's done for LA as a community: giving back, and just him as a person. He personifies greatness, bringing championships to L.A., building gyms, giving back to the community. He's a great role model. And, his game, he's smart all the time. He exudes passion for the game. That's why I enjoy his game.

MT: You have some players coming into Minnesota now that like to get up and down like Magic used to, and that's how Coach Z wants to play.
Quinn: Primarily in college, that was our offense, getting transition buckets. If you don't get transition then we got into our sets. So, I'm used to that. I love up-tempo games because that's when the Magic Johnson side comes out. You find your different players, and it's fun that way and it's easier because everyone is involved.


MT: First of all, we know you had two pairs of USC colored Crocs, so you must be excited that Coach Z had his staff grab you some blue Lynx ones...
Shay: Yeah, I was the first person on my team to have them and everyone was like, "Eww! Why are you wearing those McDonalds' shoes?" And then our school got sponsored I guess, and got a whole shipment in and our whole team wears them now. They all love them now, and I'm like, "I was the first to ever wear the Crocs." I wear them all the time with jeans and stuff. If I could, I'd wear them right now. I have no red on, but I'd totally wear my USC Crocs. This is a little formal for me right now (wearing Vans).

MT: Looking at your draft card here, you have some impressive accomplishments, like being on the All-Pac 10 first team twice, or an All American finalist. But more importantly, what's your favorite movie?
Shay: Oh, that's very hard! I love Rudy, Lion King, Hoosiers, and Prince of Egypt. If I had to pick one of the four, it'd probably be Rudy.

MT: You're from Canoga Park. Where's that?
Shay: It's in the San Fernando Valley. It's twenty minutes north of L.A.

MT: Do you call yourself a valley girl?
Shay: I don't call myself that, but you know the title has been pushed upon me because I'm so valley. It's not at all my fault though, because I like live in the valley!

MT: And you stayed close to home by going to USC...
Shay: Yeah, that was cool. I mean I didn't really want to (go to school close to home), but I love the university. It has a great atmosphere with athletics and academics, and the Hollywood scene. Celebrities come all the time. It's really awesome.

MT: Were you tight with (former USC QB) Matt Leinert?
A Shay Yeah, yeah, yeah. We were all really good friends. With all those guys, those football players, you build up a relationship. You always see them, and you work out with them so you become friends outside of the athletic department.

MT: For both you and Noelle, your men's teams were pretty successful this year in the NCAA Tournament. You must have been pulling for the Trojans pretty hard?
Shay: Definitely. Oh for sure, I really thought so. I mean, they played with eight players for the whole season. I just think the UNC bench was just a little deeper than ours. It was such a great year for our guys. I'm really excited for them. No one expected this at all, especially getting to the Pac-10 Championship. That was huge. We beat Oregon twice this year. So it was an exciting season, with the new arena there too. It really helped.

MT: So, speaking of the Pac 10, we've got kind of an insurgency here in Minnesota. You've got Noelle; you've got 2nd-round pick Brook Smith from Stanford; and assistant coach Carolyn Jenkins out of Berkeley...
Shay: I know! They kept calling names. They had five picks, and I'm like, "three out of the five are from the Pac-10. That's awesome." I don't think they really looked at what conference we played in when they were drafting us. I don't really think that mattered to them, but it's awesome to know someone else coming out here. It's like, "I know her game." I know Noey's (Noelle Quinn) game. I've watched Lindsey (Harding) play.

MT: Being a true Californian through and through are you worried about the bitter Minnesota weather?
A Shay Well, I used to live in Indiana for three years. So, I've been in the snow. I lived in the snow. I snowboard. I have two boards - Burton and Lemar. I snowboard all the time, at Mt. High, Mammoth, Bear. It's local. For sure.

MT: Wow. Nice. Do you have any other California terms you can give us? Like, radical?
Shay: Noooo! What!? No, we don't say that. That's so like, 70's beach talk. I'm bringing back "girl" though. Like "Yeah girl! What girl!" I made it a hit at school... You guys have funny accents out here though too. It's funny. You guys are like "Minn-ess-oh-ta."

MT: Whatever. What's your favorite color...
Shay: Blue.

MT: We asked Noelle this...what's on your Tivo these days?
Shay: I watch American Idol, of course, for sure. I missed it last night. We were in Cleveland. Our flights were delayed. Who got voted off last night? Please tell me. I didn't see it!

MT: Who do you think it was?
Shay: I wished that Sanjaya was gone a long time ago, but was it Phil Stacey? Please don't say Jordin Sparks!

MT: Sanjaya is awful. Terrible.
Shay: I heard it was his best performance though!

MT: Nope, awful. Anyway, Phil, Haley and Gina were in the bottom three, and Gina got kicked off.
Shay: Gina! People are only voting for Haley because she's hot. Gina's really good though. I like Gina. Even though people punk her, she can really sing.

MT: Can you sing?
Shay: No, but I try. I'm in a vocal class right now. I'm not really good, but I'm so serious about it!

MT: That's right, you're still in school! What other classes are you taking right now?
Shay: I'm in 18 units. I'm taking a directed research studies, which is four units. It's about relationships and about being like a player or whatever. It's really cool. It's low key. It's about the games that guys and girls play in relationships nowadays. My professor is doing a whole study on it. She actually works for andfor eHarmony, so she's doing this whole study about it, a whole book.

MT: Really, that's interesting? So do you have any advice for the ladies then?
Shay: Not really! I'm totally antisocial when it comes to guys and relationships. I don't know, because I believe everything. I'm totally gullible. I not going to get caught up in it.