Fans Greet Lynx At Airport

Mark Remme
Lynx Editor/Writer

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The Minnesota Lynx returned home to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Sunday around midnight, but that didnít stop fans from turning out and welcoming the team back after winning the Western Conference championship in Los Angeles earlier in the day.

The Lynx will host Game 1 of the WNBA Finals on Sunday, Oct. 14 at Target Center thanks to an 80-79 victory against the Los Angeles Sparks at Staples Center. The two-game Western Conference Finals sweep gave Minnesota a chance to play for a repeat against either Connecticut or Indiana, and the fans showed just how excited they are Sunday night.

Fans showed up with enlarged player heads and signs, showing their support for the team. The fact that it was late on a school night or just before the start of the work week didnít matter.

ďThis is Lynx 2.0,Ē forward Maya Moore said. ďThis is the new, improved version with the big heads. It feels like a college feel with the big heads. The fans are awesome. Thatís why we love to play at home so much. Thatís why they made this season special, because of how they showed up and supported us. Itís just a great feel to cap off a great day.Ē

Lynx guard Seimone Augustus said the reception was exciting, particularly with how late it was on a school night.

ďI saw a lot of kidsóIím hoping they do make it to school tomorrow because it is a Sunday night and a Monday morning,Ē she said. ďBut itís always exciting to see our fans here and to celebrate a special occasion with us.Ē

Guard Lindsay Whalen the fact that people came at such a late hour just shows the dedication the fans have toward the team. She said itís a warm welcome, and after a long flight it was a great way to return home.

Moore said she was in no hurry to leave the festivities. It was a special moment in the teamís ongoing Road To Repeat season.

ďI feel a lot of Minnesota love, thatís why Iím sticking around,Ē Moore said. ďI just want to soak it all in and show everybody how much we appreciate their support to come to the airport at midnight. Even though we did win a championship last year, it doesnítí get old and the fans are showing that it doesnít get old and they appreciate us. So itís awesome.Ē

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