Lynx Writer

On top of the WNBA with the best record in the league, the Minnesota Lynx have ignited their home of Target Center and more importantly, they have rekindled something that had been lying dormant for years: proud basketball fans in Minneapolis.

After enduring a rocky 13-21 season in 2010, the players, coaches, and fans waited anxiously for the new season to begin. With the arrival of No. 1 draft pick Maya Moore, a healthy roster, and a key addition of a WNBA great; people were talking championship before the team even stepped onto the hardwood.

And to no surprise, somehow it has all worked out dramatically … from worst to first.

The wins started to pile up, awards were received, All-Stars were named, and suddenly – and finally – the support came around that has helped carry this team to another level. And somewhere along this FAN-tastic ride, emerged #LosLynx.

But what is #LosLynx? Well, to put it lightly … it is a hashtag trending topic on Twitter that has grasped the attention of many. It all started with a Bing.com commercial (above) that Lindsay Whalen had seen during the summer of last year. The #LosLynx phrase stuck with Whalen as she would yell it with pride during practice and it quickly became the saying and rallying point for the squad. Then, Candice Wiggins took it a step further and made it viral on Twitter by slapping a #hashtag on it that spread to her thousands of followers. And now, from t-shirts, to signs, to chants from the crowd, #LosLynx is catching on in a major way and is here to stay.

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Leave it to Wiggins to describe more in detail, but make sure to understand that in Minneapolis, #LosLynx stands for much, much more than just something in social media.

#LosLynx is a movement.

“To me, #LosLynx is all about respect,” Wiggins explained. “It’s something that everyone can get on board with and become a part of.”

In first place with a star-studded roster containing the fast-break swagger of the 1980s "Showtime" Lakers, the Lynx have been a must-see attraction this summer. With hometown hero Lindsay Whalen leading the point, Seimone Augustus making defenders look foolish with her killer crossover, and the excitement around rookie phenom Maya Moore, the Lynx have become the clear-cut fan favorite in the WNBA.

The energy around the team is incredible, and everybody is starting to take notice. The dedicated fan base has grown with attendance numbers rising each night. The Lynx have even drawn in an extensive list of recognizable faces to catch the action. From an NBA All-Star, to a Pro Bowl defensive tackle, to a plethora of celebrities, actors, and other athletes, everyone is coming out to witness #LosLynx.

“It feels good to know that, not just celebrities are coming out to see us play, but more fans in general,” forward Charde Houston said excitedly. “Getting celebrities to come is great, but just being able to pack the stands at Target Center and to hear that we are selling tickets to the upper section now, I have never even heard that before, so it’s just like wow, it feels so great just to be honored and recognized like that.”

With success, often comes support. That is what sports are all about. That’s how it works. Fans want to cheer for a winner, and the Lynx are doing plenty of it. So call it a bandwagon if you’d like, but Wiggins encourages it and wants all to jump on board to the #LosLynx movement. “Bandwagon fans are absolutely welcome!” Wiggins exclaimed. “Ride it out, and see what happens ... and in the process, enjoy.”

It is a special season for basketball fans in Minnesota. Wiggins had a dream that one day #LosLynx would be trending worldwide and Target Center would be sold out. Come playoff time, who’s to say it won’t? Could this be the year? A title in Minneapolis? Candice Wiggins and #LosLynx expect nothing less.

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