Lynx Lead FIT Clinic For FAIR School Students

Mark Remme
Lynx Editor/Writer

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Lynx center Jess Adair learned at a young age the importance of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. She and her twin sister, Jazmine, spent their free time outside wrestling, playing basketball or finding some other way stay active growing up.

“My mom would actually wake us up and put us outside the house on the weekends,” she said. “It’s important, because now I know the importance of working out.”

On Friday at the YMCA in downtown Minneapolis, Adair joined rookie Devereaux Peters and Lynx mascot Prowl in helping convey that message to third- and fourth-grade students and their eighth- and ninth-grade buddies from FAIR School. There were 80 kids total at the event. Peters and Adair spoke with the kids about the importance of a healthy lifestyle—including eating right and getting plenty of exercise—before helping the kids as they rotated through a series of fitness stations.

The students spent time doing sit-ups and pushups, jump roping and doing squats as well as shooting free throws and doing defensive shuffles and ladders. Of course, none of the festivities began until Prowl finished leading the kids through his pregame stretching routine.

“It’s always fun to teach young kids about being healthy and eating right, especially when they can have fun doing it some fun exercises so it doesn’t seem like work,” Peters said.

Staff members from both FAIR School locations in downtown Minneapolis and Crystal were part of the festivities, and they said they were pleased to work with the Minnesota Lynx in conveying a message they preach on a daily message to their students. FAIR School Downtown’s associate principal Mary Pat Cumming said the school sets a premium on making sure kids take time out of their day to eat right and exercises as well as pay attention to their school work.

She said she appreciated Peters and Adair focusing not only on being fit but also paying attention to their studies.

All the children participating in Friday’s FIT Clinic also went to the Lynx’s home preseason game against Chicago at the University of Minnesota Sports Pavilion earlier in the week, so not only did the kids get to see the WNBA players in action but they also go to interact with them up close.

“One thing they can take away is when they get to work with people one on one, it becomes more of a personal level,” Cumming said. “They can make the connection as opposed to seeing an athlete on the court—they seem untouchable. But here they’re real people, they’re working with the kids and the kids also say I can do that, I can be that.”

FAIR School Downtown first grade teacher Brooke Miller said her students have looked forward to the FIT Clinic since they learned about it, asking every day if today was the day.

She said the event didn’t disappoint.

“It’s incredible,” Miller said. “It’s an incredible opportunity and we’re so grateful for that.”

Adair and Peters both said they enjoyed the opportunity to work with the kids and hopefully spark a passion for staying in shape and living an active lifestyle at a young age.

“It’s something you’ll carry with you throughout your life and something that’s instilled in you,” Peters said. “You want to catch them early and teach them about it so it’s something they have and can hold onto in the long run.”

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