Lykendra Johnson

Name: Lykendra Johnson
Height: 6'1"
Position: Forward
Class: Senior
School: Michigan State
School Bio: Lykendra Johnson


One of the best rebounders in the nation, Lykendra Johnson is averaging 8.9 rebounds in a little over 27 minutes per game for the second consecutive season. Johnson is one of just five Big Ten student-athletes in history to compile 1,000 points, 900 rebounds, 200 steals and 100 blocks during a career. Her versatility has been especially important for the Spartans this season, who are +228 while she’s on the court compared to -47 while she’s on the bench. Johnson’s relentless nature on the defensive end and on the glass would be a huge benefit to any WNBA team.

What the Lynx think

“6'1 undersized post who has the most impressive 2FG% of any post player available in the 2012 draft. Physically and mentally strong forward with a knack for getting steals and rebounds.”
- Cheryl Reeve, Lynx Head Coach

What They're Saying

“Inch-for-inch Lykendra is the best rebounder in the country and it is much more than simply having a nose for the ball. She is relentless. She goes after every rebound like it is the winning Powerball ticket. She is also one of the top defensive players in the country. For four years she has defended players considerably taller than her, but she uses her amazing quickness and strength to move players away from their favorite spots. Offensively, she is a quick jumper and finds ways to get off shots in the lane. And don't leave her open beyond the three-point line.”
- Mick McCabe, Detroit Free Press

“Johnson is a dogged rebounder who has been playing undersized and out of position (out of necessity for MSU) against some of the best centers in the country the past few seasons. She does it with solid footwork on the low block and battles for loose balls with impressive strength. Defense and rebounding definitely are her trademarks. She's prone to foul trouble at times out of her aggressive on-court play.

Around the basket, Johnson has a deft scoring touch and second-jump ability to clean up shots she misses. She's admittedly a bit heavy right now after giving birth to her daughter in August, but her stamina has been returning the deeper the Spartans' season has progressed this winter. That shouldn't be a problem in the future, though -- she's a committed worker who has displayed selflessness while still maintaining the focus on being a dual threat on offense and defense.”
- Chris Solari, Lansing State Journal

"Has some impressive numbers being only fourth Big Ten player ever to have 1,000 points, 1,000 rebounds, 200 steals and 100 blocks in her career."
- Doug Feinberg, Associated Press

“Johnson is an outstanding offensive rebounder whose wide frame should make her contibutor in the WNBA in the post.”
- Nate Parham,

“Not sure she was in 100% playing shape this year after the birth of her child in August. Rebounder instincts and can defend the post. See her as a ‘betweener’ in league and because of size and conditioning potential, she could guard 4 and 5s.”
- Debbie Antonelli, National TV College Basketball Analyst