Name: Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton
Height: 6'2"
Position: Forward
Class: Senior
School: Purdue

Coming off ACL surgery that caused her to miss the 2007-08 season, Wisdom-Hylton entered 2008-09 healthy and has quickly regained her status as one of the top all-around forwards in the nation. Through late January, she is averaging nearly a double-double (13.2 ppg and 9.3 rpg) along with almost three steals and two blocks per contest. Wisdom-Hylton has displayed strong leadership skills throughout her career as a Boilermaker and can score, rebound and especially defend. A two-time member of the Big Ten's All-Defensive Team and the 2007 Defensive Player of the Year. As a junior in 2006-07, she set three school records for blocked shots career (227), season (108) and game (9 vs. Michigan State) while shooting a dazzling 56% from the floor. She has the skillset to help her make a smooth transition from the college game to the WNBA.

"Wisdom-Hylton is a good passer, plus a very good defender and rebounder."

Graham Hays, Women's Basketball Contributor for ESPN

Purdue's leader hasn't missed a beat despite missing last season with a knee injury. Like Baylor's Allison, she's a plus offensively, but her real value comes in everything she does when she's not scoring, particularly on the defensive end and passing on the interior.

Mike Carmin of the Lafayette Journal and Courier

How is she progressing in this, her first year off a knee injury that derailed her entire 2007-08 season?

"Lindsay continues to make progress. I don't think people understand how long it takes athletes to recover from knee injuries and Lindsay is no exception. Saying that, I think she's starting to round into the form we all witnessed her junior season. She's able to play longer stretches without looking fatigued."

Wisdom-Hylton can clearly change a game with her defensive abilities. What makes her so effective on the defensive end?

"Her ability to block shots without fouling. There's something different about Lindsay, compared to other defenders her size, when she goes up to block a shot. I've always found her graceful without making contact. For her size, she's always been one of the leaders in steals every season, a testament to her overall athletic ability."

How is her offensive game developing in her senior season?

"It's coming along. Purdue uses her a lot on the block because of her size and her ability to move around defenders. But recently, Lindsay has taken her game outside of the lane and hit numerous 15-foot jumpers. Her versatility on the offensive end is what makes her special. She's also one of the better passers on the team."

What has impressed you most about Wisdom-Hylton in her 4+ years at Purdue?

"Probably her versatility. She can play inside, outside and even brings the ball up against pressure. Purdue uses her as a guard against teams that press, especially now that its starting point guard won't return until February after suffering an injury."

In what area can Wisdom-Hylton help a WNBA team out the most in come April's draft?

"Lindsay will help a professional team on the perimeter, which is where I think she'll end up playing at the next level. Although she can play inside, that's the final part of her game that needs to develop. The injury prevented that development from happening sooner.

How does Lindsay compare to some of the other top college senior forward prospects, including Ashley Walker (California), Ashley Paris (Oklahoma) and Rachel Allison (Baylor)?

"Again, I think she's different because of her versatility. She can take a smaller defender inside and post them up or bring a bigger player outside and drive around them. I'm not saying the other top prospects can't do what Lindsay does, but the way she does it stands out."

Wisdom-Hylton just getting started, Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)

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