Name: Courtney Paris
Height: 6'4"
Position: Center
Class: Senior
School: Oklahoma

Courtney is the sister of Ashley Paris, another top draft prospect. Courtney is a three-time consensus All-American and 2007 National Player of the Year. Arguably the most heralded prospect in the 2009 Draft class, Paris has put up prodigious rebounding and scoring totals during her time as a Sooner, averaging nearly 15 rebounds and three blocks per game for her career. She is a double-double machine and was the only player in Division I to rank in the top 50 in more than three of the eight major statistical categories measured by the NCAA in 2007-08. One of the best low-post scoring centers to come out of the collegiate ranks in many years, Paris will undoubtedly be among the top post players selected come April.

"Courtney is a double-double machine and we like her size in the post."

Graham Hays, Women's Basketball Contributor for ESPN

The positives are readily apparent for the most recognizable name in this year's draft class. She has great hands and equally outstanding basketball instincts, both of which allow her to operate a half step ahead of opponents, whether establishing rebounding position or making passes out of the post. The concern has to be whether or not those skills will give her a similar edge against players of the size and speed she'll face in the WNBA.

Justin Harper of The Oklahoman

The primary concern with the three-time All-American is her height and agility. Those facets haven't hurt Paris in college as she was named Big 12 Player of the Year twice and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year three times before her senior season.

Her obvious strength is her physical strength inside. As of January 23, Paris averages 15.7 points and 12.9 rebounds while shooting 62.0 percent from the field. She's a possibility for the first choice in the WNBA draft because of her bullish power, which, as of January 23 has allowed her to register an NCAA record 109 consecutive double-doubles.