Name: Chante Black
Height: 6'5"
Position: Center
Class: Senior
School: Duke

Black is another player high on WNBA Draft boards who sat out a season due to injury, thus making 2008-09 her fifth year in the Duke program. Even after an October 2006 knee injury, Black remains an elite run-and-jump athlete who causes matchup problems for opponents on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. While she has an offensive game, Black's strengths remain on the glass and the defensive end, where she is a tremendous rebounder and can block shots with regularity (more than 200 for her career). Black is off to a strong start in 2008-09, averaging a career-best 15.6 ppg and 9.3 rpg through late January. Black's talents and low-post abilities have her right up there with the best centers in this year's draft class.

"Black is having a very good senior season at Duke. She's a post player who can step out and knock down the 15-18 ft. jumper and has been very impressive for Duke."

Graham Hays, Women's Basketball Contributor for ESPN

At worst, Black promises to be a defensive stalwart with the size and agility to handle just about any assignment in the frontcourt. And as worst-case scenarios go, that's not bad. What's likely to settle her draft position between the top pick and later stages of the first round are opinions of her potential to be a consistent low-post presence on the offensive end.

Mike Potter of the Durham Herald and Sun

It's often said that it take two years to recover from a knee injury, and it seems like that's ringing true this year for Chante Black. How has she progressed in this, her second year back from injury?

There seem to be no ill effects whatsoever. She's one of the quickest post players in the country holding down the middle for one of the fastest moving teams, and the Blue Devils never have reason to slow down and wait for her.

It seems as if Chante has taken her game to new heights this year, evidenced by her career-high totals in scoring, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. What's been the biggest reason for her success in this, her senior season?

Perhaps the biggest reason is that she has fully accepted her role as the primary "go-to" player on a very deep and talented team, and her teammates know they need to get her the ball at every opportunity. And while she may be "Option 1," the Blue Devils have plenty of other weapons including some surprises off the bench. I would think that while she's definitely expected to be very good, she knows she doesn't have to be absolutely perfect for Duke to be successful. And that has allowed her even more freedom to just play.

One of the more athletic posts in this year's draft, what areas does she need to work on most to assist as she transitions from the ACC to the WNBA?

Post players can always work on footwork and ballhandling, although hers are already very solid for a 6-5 player. Given her quickness and her slender physique, she may need to concentrate on perimeter skills. At the world-class level, she may be better as a power forward facing the basket. Duke coach Joanne P. McCallie said that if she were coaching at the pro level she wouldn't hesitate to try to develop Black as a small forward.

What has impressed you most about Chante in her 4+ years at Duke?

Her perseverance and her learning curve. She worked extremely hard coming off the knee injury for Duke last season, and went from someone with a lot of potential to one of the best players in the ACC. As quickly as her team moves at both ends of the floor, she never misses a beat.

In what area can Chante help a WNBA team out the most in come April's draft?

She is a very quick and fast post player who has no trouble getting down the floor. She has excellent hands, lightning-quick shot-blocking ability and the ability to surprise by hitting the outside shot.