Name: Ashley Paris
Height: 6'3"
Position: Forward
Class: Senior
School: Oklahoma

Ashley, the sister of the much-heralded Courtney Paris, has enjoyed a breakthrough senior season. The 6-3 forward/center has developed a promising outside and inside combination which has evolved into a tandem WNBA scouts are paying attention to. Paris totaled nine double-doubles in her first 11 games this season, and has boosted her scoring average to a career-high 14.1 ppg. Combine that with a career-best 10.0 rpg thus far and you have one of the fastest rising prospects in the 2009 Draft. Part of the reason for her success seems to be a renewed sense of commitment to her body; she dropped 27 pounds leading into her senior season, which has improved her agility and aggressiveness. This Paris is quickly emerging from her sister's shadow.

"Ashley might have improved her stock more than any other player this season. She's big, strong and runs the floor well. She's having a great senior season."

Graham Hays, Women's Basketball Contributor for ESPN

She completely remade her resume after last season and will be anything but the "other" Paris sister in this draft. Like Courtney, her soft hands and basketball IQ stand out when she's on the court. Where she's emerged as her own player is in her ability to play on the wing and knock down shots while remaining a standout rebounder.

Justin Harper of The Oklahoman

In her final season at Oklahoma, Ashley Paris has emerged from the shadow of her sister, Courtney. Having worked off more than 25 pounds in the off-season, Paris has gone from a role player to one of the top players in the Big 12.

Her career scoring and rebounding averages coming into the season were 8.1 and 7.1 respectively. This season, Paris is averaging 14.0 and 10.3 and has recorded 11 double-doubles in the first 15 games of the season.

Paris increased her pro prospects by virtue of losing the weight, allowing her to take her game outside of the lane. It's also improved her conditioning and speed, two areas that were formerly considered drawbacks.