There arenít many people who have drastically impacted my life as much as my parents have.

Today is Fatherís Day and Iím luckily enough to have a dad and a step-father who have been there for me whenever Iíve needed them. Iíve received so much support (thanks for the gas money), love (mow the lawn) and even a few yells (you did what?) over the years.

My parents divorced when I was younger. Obviously while growing up, divorced parents werenít always ideal, but now itís something that I embrace for many reasons. And yes, extra presents on Christmas ranks in the top-10.

On this day, it only seems right that one is working while the other is at my sisterís softball game. They donít get many breaks and they work their tails off for their families. Thereís something to be said for that. Iím not going to make this into an emotional article thatís going to cause anyone to cry. I have grilling to do and golf to play on this fine afternoon.

Iím lucky enough to have great relationships with my parents. Are there times when thing are tough? Sure. Do we have arguments? Absolutely, but at the end of the day, things always manage to workout. It requires work, like any loving relationship does. As a guy, Iím not always great with my feelings. In fact, my Fatherís Day phone call this morning was about as awkward as they come.

ďUmmm. So yeah. Happy Fatherís Day? Ummm. L. LoÖ Love youÖ Okay, bye.Ē

But from the bottom of my heart, Happy Fatherís Day not just to my dad and step-dad, but for all of those dads who have done their job over the years.

I realize not everyone has great relationships with their dads and thatís unfortunate. I donít know every situation and wonít act like I do, but hereís what I will say: I can assure you youíll feel better about mending a broken bridge than continuing to tear it down.

With that being said, I was able to talk to a few Lynx players this week who have solid relationships with their fathers.

Forward Dev Peters on her relationship with her father:

ďFatherís Day is extremely important. I probably wouldnít be where Iím at right now without my dad. He played a major part in my basketball career and where I went and a lot of the decisions I made as far as basketball. Itís very big and important for me just because of the role heís played pretty much in my career. He does a lot of the managing of stuff off the court, and he plays a very big role in that so heís pretty important to me.Ē

Guard Seimone Augustus:

ďMe and my dad have a great relationship. One that a mother would be jealous of. That all stems from basketball and him being a big force in making sure I am who I am today.Ē

On her dadís tattoo on his calf. Itís an Olympic Torch with Semioneís number in the center:

ďIt was a bit of a surprise. He kind of hassled me a little bit about my tattoos once I got my sleeve, but me making the Olympic team for the first time was one of his proudest moments for a father, itís like the highest of high for any athlete to play on that stage. Itís a surprise for me to show he wasnít really that mad about my tattoos and to show his appreciation.Ē

Her plans for Fatherís Day:

ďI was hoping he could sneak up here for a little bit, but itís an 18 hour drive, thatís pretty tough on him. Iíll call him. Heís not a flower guy, he likes money, so Iíll probably send him some money in the mail.Ē

Guard Monica Wright

ďMy whole life Iíve been a daddyís girl. My family is military and obviously my dad had to go to work every day but my mom used to tell me these crazy stories about when people go abroad and I was three and he would come home and I would immediately know if he was missing I would always try to reach for him. It was kind of like I was his since I came into this world. Heís always been there for basketball, too. Obviously thatís like a daddy-daughter thing, going to tournaments and with all sports. Dad has always been the voice. Always coaching me. Even to this day he calls me and asks ďwhat are you going to do to stop so and so?Ē Happy Fatherís Day to all of those basketball dads out there. Those will be memories forever for your daughter.Ē

Monnie said it pretty well there. Happy Fatherís Day. Enjoy the great weather today.

Other tidbits:

In her first game against the Lynx after being traded to Tulsa, guard Candice Wiggins scored 18 points. Wiggins has done a lot for the Minnesota-franchise. It seems like sheís embracing her new role in Tulsa.

In two road games this season, forward Rebekkah Brunson has 31 rebounds. So yeah, thatís pretty impressive.

Thatís all Iíve got this week, folks.

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy your week.

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