Hello from Rome, or should I say Buongiorno de Roma!!! The eight-hour flight from D.C. was worth it. The city of Rome is absolutely beautiful. On Easter Sunday we all went to Saint Peterís Square and there were so many people. The most amazing thing was that it was so diverse. There were people from all over the world at peace all in one place. It was a beautiful thing, just how the world should be. Within the service they spoke many languages, so every culture was represented and blessed.

We also visited the Coliseum where the Gladiators use to fight. It was amazing. The Coliseum was built by many slaves from Jerusalem and it took eight years to complete. Still to this day no one knows who designed it. We also visited the Sistine chapel. Italy has some of the most beautiful paintings and architecture.

Now onto basketballÖ
-- The first practice was definitely an eye opener for me. I realized that I am playing and practicing with the best of the best and itís no joke out here. They were much bigger and faster then I am used to. The older players have taken all of us younger players under their wings, and are great teachers and leaders of the game. Now, as a point guard, I canít just run through the plays without talking. Being a point guard is all about leading, but first you have to gain respect from the more experienced players. It took some time, but after a few practices I have become much more comfortable and have no problem being vocal.

Our first game was against the Italian National team and we won 77-47. Our second game was against Phard Napoli where they had 49 and we had 72. Our next game was against Virtebo and the final score was Virtebo 42 Ė USA 82. Our final game was against Pomezia, with a final score of Pomezia 41 Ė USA 81. We have been going non-stop with two-hour practices, scrimmages with the local menís team, and games.

Overall, this has been a wonderful experience. I love it here in Italy. The people are very friendly and always willing to help you out. Italy has been fun but I am ready to come home, and although Iíve never been to Minnesota Iíve heard only great things. Just a few days left, then Minnesota, here I come.