Feb. 3, 2006

Adrian Williams Chat Transcript

Adrian joined a live chat on Feb. 3.

With the WNBA free agency period kicking off, Lynxbasketball.com hosted a live chat with newly signed forward Adrian Williams on Feb. 3.

Williams, a five-year veteran of the WNBA, was an all-star in 2003, when she averaged 9.8 points a game for the Phoenix Mercury.

If you missed the live chat, here is the transcript.

Stever(Michigan): Adrian, it's great to have you back in the W! How was your experience playing in Korea, and what role do you see yourself playing for the Lynx this summer?

Adrian Williams: Thank you, it's nice to be back. I had a nice time in Korea, I really loved it, it is one of my favorite countries to visit. As far as my role, I think I will bring experience, toughness and leadership.

pauline, san antonio: We miss you down here in San Antonio - but why did you not play in the WNBA last year

Adrian Williams: Thanks, Pauline. I needed to get away from the business side of basketball and I needed to just go play pure basketball, outside of the WNBA. I'm glad I did it, and now I feel ready to come back and play in the best league in the world.

pilight: I still like Adrain better than Adrian. Any chance that you'll switch back?

Adrian Williams: Ha-ha (Laughing) Not likely. My credit score and my new house papers and all are better under this new way, so I think I have to keep it like this for awhile.

Swannyfan_01 (Minneapolis): Adrian, great to see you sign here, how has your game changed since you last played in the wnba?

Adrian Williams: I would say that I'm two years better than the 2003 All-Star that I was back then. I've elevated my game in all areas, and I'm excited to show what I've been working on for the past two years.

Kris (Apple Valley): Did you get a lot of offers from other teams and if so, why did you choose Minnesota?

Adrian Williams: Hmmm. There were different offers, but I chose Minnesota because I felt I could fit in with this team best. I felt wanted and needed by the Lynx and I'm real happy to be a part of what we're trying to do here. Also, I think they recognized my abilities as a player more than any other team, and I appreciated that.

frances, palm beach: what do you think about the girl who scored 113 points in her high school game?

Adrian Williams: Ha-ha (Laughing) I been helping coach a high school team, so I know how it is, to have an over-achiever in a not-so-good league. It seems she went out and had a great game, and I think she did her best and hopefully that will help her get to the next level. Maybe even some day, I can play against her in the WNBA. Plus, she must be in great shape, she must've taken a whole lot of shots!

Kent (Minnetonka): Which college player would you like the Lynx to take with the top pick of the draft?

Adrian Williams: I'm bias, I'm a post player so I like wings, who can feed the ball down to us. So the girl from LSU, Simone Augustus. But, she wears my number so that might already be a conflict (Laughing) Seriously, I know our coach's and management will make a great choice which is best for our team.

Jill (Plymouth, MN): Who were your basketball role models while you were growing up?

Adrian Williams: I didn't have any basketball role models. My No. 1 sport was track, where I liked Jackie Joyner-Kersee. I just played basketball not to be like anybody else, but because I loved it. And I still love it.

gia: what # will you wear and why that#?

Adrian Williams: I wear No. 33 because when I came into the WNBA, my number 30 was already taken. My dad had given me a list when I came in, and 33 was next on it. Plus, now I really love No. 33 because Scottie Pippen wore No. 33 and I love his game.

Albert (Burnsville): In Roger's blog, he said that you could help the Lynx in the high and low post. Do you feel more comfortable in one spot or the other?

Adrian Williams: Thanks Roger! In any spot, wherever I play. I can either be first down the court on the break or trailing. In the Lynx offense the 4 and 5 switch back and forth and I can play either. I will play THE ONE, if it gets me on the court!

Diane (Wayzata): You said you've been coaching, is that something that interests you for once you retire?

Adrian Williams: Until now, I didn't think so. But now, I think there may be more coaches who have actually played our game involved. I haven't decided at what level, but I've always been a student of the game and I think I can offer something to other players. It also was a case where I learned alot about me by coaching, which is nice too.

Michael (Indianapolis): Adrian, I'm happy to hear you back in the WNBA! I was hoping you'd come to the Fever but you're just the right thing for the Lynx. Which of your new teamates are you most looking forward to playing with?

Adrian Williams: Thank you very much. I have family in Indiana so that would've been nice too, but I'm happy to be here. Nicole and Tamika are great young players and I hope I can help them and we can help eachother. I look forward to playing with them.

Scott (Champlin): What is your most cherished basketball memory?

Adrian Williams: Ha-ha (Laughing) Making the All-Star team in 2003. Not every player can say they were an All-Start. The second best is just being able to do something I love for a living. And to have the crowd cheering for you doing it, it is something I will always cherish and take with me from this game, even when I retire.

Adrian Williams: Thank you so much for all of your support. I'm looking forward to this year, just like when I was a rookie (Except for not with a rookie contract! Ha-ha). I hope you will come out and support the Lynx this year I think we will have a great season. Thanks.