Montgomery Reacts To White House Visit

Jonah Ballow with Renee Montgomery

Jonah: Welcome to, I'm Jonah Ballow with the newest member of the Minnesota Lynx, Renee Montgomery. Thanks for joining me, Renee. It's been a couple of whirlwind months for you. Have you been able to relax a little bit after winning that national championship and then getting drafted fourth overall by the Lynx?

Renee: Yeah, I have been. It's actually been kind of crazy though, because you know we still had the parade and then Monday we went to the White House, so it's still been a lot of things happening. Yesterday we had our last gathering at our coach's house, so things are still happening.

Jonah: Is it a little bit bittersweet? I know you had a great run at Uconn, 39-0, won the National Championship, and now you're going to have to leave that family and start a new life and professional career here in Minnesota.

Renee: Yeah, it is, it's going to be very different, but it is bittersweet. I'm glad I'm leaving Uconn the right way with a championship, and I'm excited about what's going to happen in Minnesota and everything going on with the team there. It is bittersweet to leave all my friends that have become family now, my teammates and coaches at Uconn, but I'm excited.

Jonah: Alright, let's talk about the recent news. You took a trip to the White House to visit our new president Barack Obama. Tell me about that experience. You showed up and...Obama has been known to play some hoops back in high school, so he took a challenge at you guys.

Renee: Yeah, it was a great experience, because going into it, the people were telling us they didn't know how much time we would have to interact with him, that it all depended on him and what he wanted to do, and we were told he had a busy day, but he still took time to take a picture with each of us. Then, after he gave a speech to us, he asked if we wanted to shoot a little bit, and we walked to the outside court and shot a few shots. It was just great that he took time out to do that with us.

Jonah: How were the rims? Were they friendly, or giving a nice bounce for the president?

Renee: Oh man, he only missed one shot, that's all I have to say. He had home-court advantage to say the least.

Jonah: I'm going to put you on the spot a little bit. Tell me what was the most interesting or unexpected thing you saw at the White House during your trip.

Renee: I think the most interesting thing is just seeing the president shoot. His shot is different--he's left-handed so it's a different-looking shot--so I would say that would be the most interesting thing I saw at the White House.

Jonah: How was your interaction with the president? He seems like a pretty laid-back type of guy and someone that you can relate to. Obviously he has a high interest in basketball, so how was your experience one-on-one with him?

Renee: It was great. He actually asked me what I'm going to do after leaving Uconn, and I told him I got drafted by Minnesota and that I'm excited about it, and he told me that he goes to a few Chicago Sky games, so I asked him if he could try to make one of those games that he goes to, the one when we play them. I know he's a busy man, so we'll see.

Jonah: Right now you're at Uconn, you're finishing up classes, is that kind of the schedule until you head over to here to Minnesota?

Renee: Yeah, I graduate May 10 and I fly out to Minnesota May 11, so it's all coming fast.

Jonah: Is it a little bit difficult concentrating on classes knowing that your professional career is just around the corner? Training camp is going to be here sooner than you know it and you're going to have to prepare for the season.

Renee: It's not that difficult because you're always doing something along with class all throughout the year even with the basketball schedule and basketball season, so I just approach it that same way. I work out, go to class, work out, and I just try to approach it that way and stay in a routine.

Jonah: What are your thoughts on this upcoming season? The Minnesota Lynx are a young, talented squad, we had a lot of draft picks last year and now they add you in the mix at the point guard spot. This should be an exciting year. What are you thinking about as far as coming over here to Minnesota?

Renee: I'm just extremely excited. Going to a young team, I think that's great just for me personally the transition, I think it's going to make it easier because it's people that I've been, you know, what I've been through the past few years, so I think that's going to make my transition easy. I also think I'm going to play a fast-paced game with young players, so I'm excited about everything that's going on in Minnesota.

Jonah: We look forward to finally meeting you in person, and I look forward to working with you throughout the season, Renee. Thanks so much Renee, I appreciate your time.

Renee: No problem, thank you.

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