Minnesota Lynx Select Minnesota’s Emily Fox

Emily Fox enters the WNBA after enjoying a storied career at the University of Minnesota. The five-foot-nine guard finished her Golden Gopher career ranked seventh in scoring (1,449 points), third in assists (413) and fourth in steals (242). The Highland Ranch, Colo., native was a three-time All-Big Ten honoree, including a First Team selection in 2008.

Fox is the 18th player in Minnesota history to score over 1,000 career points (ended with 1,449) and just the seventh player in Minnesota history to record over 100 three-pointers (finished with 112). Fox also notched the third-best free throw shooting percentage (78.1 percent) in Gopher history during her career.

Emily Fox Draft Day Reaction
On her Draft day experience:
"It was definitely scary. It was just an exciting day overall; just sitting there watching it with my coaches. It was really exciting when I saw my name go across and it said Minnesota. I'll get to stay close."

On seeing her name on the board:
"I was just sitting there, and I noticed since they weren't announcing the picks, instead they were putting it up on the (ticker) so my eyes were glued to that. They had all left the room so I was just sitting there by myself when I jumped up."

On the anticipation of draft day:
"It's been circled on my calendar since the season was over. It's just really exciting because it's always been a dream of mine to get the opportunity to play professional basketball. I'm just thrilled and excited for the opportunity."

On the chance to get drafted:
"There are some great, great players. It was just a matter of time where. I was just sitting there hoping my name would come up."

On her style of play:
"I'll be playing the point guard position. I love to have the ball in my hands. I'm an up-tempo player. There's a lot of great players on this team that I can get the ball to. It's just a matter of taking on this challenge and this opportunity."

On if she hadn't been drafted:
"No matter what happened I wanted to continue to play basketball. I still wanted to play overseas so this wasn't the end-all for me. That's why this is really exciting for me."

On her coaches preparing her for the next level:
"I definitely came in as a freshman pretty naive and not knowing what was going on. I just feel like they have helped me with my mental toughness and getting me ready to play at the next level. Now there is another level to jump. I definitely think they prepared me with leadership skills and taught me how to be a great person on and off the court."

On being a Gopher that was drafted by the Lynx:
"I'm the third person (to be drafted from Minnesota) with Lindsay Whalen and Janel McCarville. It's quite the company to be in. I feel the program has come so far. Just to leave that mark is really exciting for me."

On following the Lynx:
"I actually came to a lot of games last year. I actually played with Candice Wiggins, Nicky Anosike, and Charde Houston in the Pan-American games. I came to a lot of games to support them and I've been in touch with them a little bit during their season."

On being drafted into the WNBA:
"It hasn't really sunk in. It's always been a dream of mine to play professional basketball. Especially in the United States for the WNBA. It's so exciting; it's hard to describe. To have this opportunity is really special to me."

On her Gopher teammate's reactions:
"They were doing workouts when we found out so I'm just starting to get text messages from them. But the support has been great. Especially from my coaches, and my teammates, and my family. This sport has been unbelievable.

Coach Don Zierden on Emily Fox:
On what Emily Fox comes in as:
"I think you'll have to take a look at maybe a combo one and two. We'll try her both places, we'll give her every opportunity. We're very pleased with the talent that we have and I think she knows that looking at the roster, but I think we'll give her a chance at both positions."

On how good Fox is:
"I enjoy watching her. I don't think she had the senior year she wanted to have, but we think enough of her that we drafted her."

Executive Vice President Roger Griffith on Emily Fox:
"I'm with Don. I think that for women's basketball in Minnesota, it's good if we could work together with the University of Minnesota and make it a year-round type of attraction for our fans. I hope that she comes in here and competes. We'll give her a chance to learn and to get some exposure. Third-round picks are always long shots. A few years back we had Amber Jacobs as a third-round pick and she beat the odds and lasted four years on our team. Last year we had Charde (Houston) make the team and we expect Charde (Houston) to be here a long time. Third-round picks are always long shots, but hey, they have a shot. Emily will get the chance to take advantage of that. She has a chance to learn, grow her basketball career, and have other opportunities in the future in Europe of wherever that may take her. I'm excited about her being here and we'll just see what happens."