Houston and McWilliams-Franklin Inspire Women at FAIR School

Lauren Lang
Lynx Writer

Over 80 6th grade girls were all ears as they got an afternoon break to sit outside and listen to Lynx standouts Charde Houston and Taj McWilliams-Franklin, as they stood before them and spoke on the importance of supporting one another and respecting yourself.

"Events like this are extremely important to me because I look at myself as an older sister to the girls in which I mentor and speak to," Houston said. "I want them to understand that it comes from the heart and these are the situations that I've had to face myself, and especially just knowing how I felt in the situations and what someone could have done to make my life a lot easier. I want that for the girls that I speak to."

McWilliams-Franklin being a proud mother herself went on to add, "For me it's really, truly a life's work, because I have three girls that I've raised, am raising, and every time I step out in front of other young ladies and girls I think about my own kids and who I want giving them advice, and I want to be that person that I wouldn't mind my own daughters getting advice from."

The event was a part of the WNBA's Inspiring Women's platform that looks to empower and shape young female minds, along with promoting leadership in both women's personal and professional lives.

During the presentation Houston and McWilliams-Franklin called up students at random to share what it means to them to be an individual and a young woman in today's society.

Among the large crowd of female students was 11 year old, Jada Gardner. "They taught us about respecting ourselves and others, and how it starts - you should always say hello and make people's days. Charde (Houston) was talking about how we should support each other, especially as women," Gardner explained.

The upbeat Gardner went on to elaborate "I think that's important because back in the older days men thought that women were just there to do the housework and stuff, and I have friends who want to be astronauts and president and stuff."

Many of Gardner's classmates took home the same message, but Houston had another goal for the girls to take with them, "If the girls could leave with one message it would be to value yourself, your body, your goals, everything that you set out to accomplish - you can do anything."

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