Get to Know LaToya Pringle

Jim Lindner: With both of your parents in the Army, where did you live before going to college?

LaToya Pringle: I was born in Germany and I stayed there for a couple of years in my early years so I don't really remember too much about it. I was there until about third or fourth grade, so I stayed there for a few years. I lived in Nebraska with my grandparents, Oklahoma, North Carolina. Sometimes I would just live with one of my parents while the other one was overseas.

JL: Which location did you like the best?

LT: I like North Carolina. It's where I've been the longest. It's one of the few places I've been with a warm climate, I've kind-of taken to the country life.

JL: With so much moving do you still enjoy traveling?

LT: Not really, I don't like to fly. It's not something that I think is fun. I do it, but flying isn't something I do so I'm not a big traveler. I like to be at home and just sit in the house.

JL: When did you get involved with basketball?

LT: I didn't really start playing sports until about middle school. I wasn't a big basketball fan until my dad begged me to try out in middle school. I went to the last day of try-outs and ever since then I've been playing and love doing it. My dad was like 'just go try out' but I didn't think I was going to make the team. I didn't play much basketball, I was very uncoordinated and skinnier than I am now.

JL: What have you enjoyed most about playing basketball?

LT: I like meeting new people and blocking shots. I think it's (blocking shots) because of my long arms and something that I have a knack for that makes it easier for me. A lot of coaches think that playing volleyball as I grew up also helped with my jumping ability.

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