Get to Know Kamesha Hairston

Jim Lindner: What were your first impressions as you entered camp?

Kamesha Hairston: It's a very challenging team, very athletic. You have to bring it to practice because everybody is going hard, so you have to go hard too.

JL: What are the challenges you've come across so far?

KH: I'm finding it a little bit difficult coming to a new team. I'm just trying to understand everything, like the way they want you to play and my role on the team. I'm trying to get comfortable with that and it's a little difficult right now.

JL: How well has the team been working together?

KH: Everybody is trying to put confidence in each other, Seimone (Augustus) especially. Every time I turn down a shot she's yelling 'shoot the ball.' It gives you a little bit of confidence from a player like her encouraging you.

JL: What excites you most about the upcoming season?

KH: I'm just happy to play basketball. Last year I spent the whole WNBA season hurt so I really only have my rookie year of experience so I'm just happy to get it going. At least I'm on a team that is inexperienced so it doesn't hurt me too much because everybody else is inexperienced as well.

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