1-on-1 With Quanitra Hollingsworth

Jonah Ballow with Quanitra Hollingsworth

Jonah Ballow: Talk about the draft day experience. It's a little bit of a surprise that the Lynx decided to draft you at the ninth spot, but I know they're excited to bring you in. How about from your perspective on draft day?

Quanitra Hollingsworth: I was very confident that I was going to get drafted. The big question on my mind was when. Obviously my goal was to get drafted first round. I had spoke to Minnesota along with some other teams, but unlike most people who got drafted that round, I wasn't there, so a lot of people were skeptical about that. In all, I was very happy about the decision that they made, and now I'm ready to work.

JB: You're a young player. How is that transition going to be for you going from college and now into the WNBA?

QH: I think it'll actually be an easier transition being that all of us are young. They'll be able to relate with my situation more than someone who's been in the league for a longer amount of time, and we'll definitely bring a different approach to the game. We'll definitely try to get out and push it, and focus on some areas where the Minnesota Lynx on a whole were weak on last year.

JB: What are your first impressions of Minnesota and the coaching staff here?

QH: I love Minnesota.

JB: In the summer, right?

QH: Yeah. I was worried about it being cold, but it's definitely nice out right now. As far as the team, they've welcomed me with open arms, working with me on tweaking up some stuff, definitely building my confidence early on, and I appreciate that. I'm here working with some of the post players who obviously have experience in the league already, and it's just a confidence-builder for me and I'm just getting prepared for training camp.

JB: You're going to be the presence on the low blocks for this team. At 6'5" what do you bring other than just size on this Lynx squad?

QH: I think I bring a little of both packages. I have a smaller frame but I'm strong if I were the size of Nicky Anosike, who's another team member of the Lynx, and my quickness and athleticism, that's definitely something I'm going to take advantage of.

JB: I talked to the other girls about specifically what they're going to work on during these next couple days leading up to training camp. Is there something that you're really focused in on in terms of what you want to get accomplished before the other teammates arrive?

QH: Right now I'm working with the post coach, and I'm just working on my shot. I want it to be more consistent. We all know that I can score in the low block, but at this level, you have to have more than one weapon, so I'm working on my shot a little.

JB: How's your condition so far?

QH: It's fine. Obviously all of us look a little rusty out here today, but I think I'll be in great shape for training camp.

JB: Alright Quanitra, I look forward to working with you the rest of the season, and we'll catch up with you in a couple days.

QH: Thank you.

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