1-on-1 With Emily Fox

Jonah Ballow with Emily Fox

Jonah Ballow: Talk about the process now of how you're going to try to make this squad. You were in here early, you were one of the first players to show up.

Emily Fox: Yeah, it's perfect because I'm right at the U, 10 minutes away, so I've been able to come work out the past three weeks, so I feel like it gets me ready for training camp.

JB: How have you felt in your first workouts here on the practice floor?

EF: Yeah, I felt really good. I feel like I'm getting better every day, and it's fun. It was me by myself for a while, so it's fun to have these other girls coming in.

JB: You had the two-on-two drills here today and I saw your match-up with Latoya Pringle and you have some good ball-handling skills, also the step-back jumper. What else can you bring to this team heading into the 2009 season?

EF: I think good leadership, they probably want me to play the point, so hitting wide-open shots and getting people the ball. Just using the skills I have to my advantage.

JB: What do you think about this young team? I was talking with Christi Thomas and she's going to be a veteran on a team that's pretty much rookies and first-year players.

EF: Yeah. Obviously this is my first year, so I don't really know what to expect. I'm sure there's going to be some great leadership though, they've got some great girls coming back.

JB: Is there anything specifically that you're going to work on and make sure you get better during these one-on-one sessions and two-on-two drills that you get to specifically work with the coach without the rest of the team being here?

EF: They definitely want me to work on my defense, keeping someone in front of me. This is the next level, so they're so much more athletic. Definitely my defense, and then tightening up my ball-handling skills so I can take care of the ball.

JB: How about that challenge? You're going to face some tough competition here in a couple weeks, Renee Montgomery is going to show up. Are you excited for that? How do you look at those challenges?

EF: I'm so excited. I just look at this like I have nothing to lose. I'm going to come in here and play as hard as I can and enjoy this experience playing with these great players.

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