1-on-1 With Christi Thomas

Jonah Ballow with Christi Thomas

Jonah Ballow: Jonah Ballow here with Christi Thomas at the practice facility. Christi, you're one of the newest members of the team. Talk about coming here to Minnesota and what your expectations are for the upcoming year.

Christi Thomas: I think the coaches have put us in a good position with all the new players to be a very competitive team in the West. The West is a tough conference and we plan to finish in the top four to make a playoff run.

JB: You're going to be a veteran on this team. Everyone else is pretty much a rookie or in their first year. What is that going to be like for you?

CT: It's different, because when I was first in the league, I went to a team that was all veterans and I was one of the only two rookies on the team. I think that being under those guys out in L.A. helped make me grow as a player, and the stuff I learned out there I can hopefully help these younger girls learn too.

JB: Let's talk about that a little bit. You were good in the post, I saw you here in the two-on-two drill, but also on the outside I think you present a little bit of a difference flare as far as being able to hit that outside jump shot. Is that something you'll look to do during the season?

CT: Most definitely, I think that's one of Coach Z's biggest things, is when I'm open just shoot the ball. I didn't really have that opportunity in L.A.--I was more of a low post player in L.A.--so I think that the change will be good for me.

JB: So looking at that outside shot, is it nice to have a coach that says, hey, the door's open, just take it when you got it?

CT: Most definitely, that's what a player wants to hear any time, you know? You have the green light. If you're open, shoot it. He told me if I'm shooting it too many, or not taking good shots, he'll let me know, so any time you have a coach like that, you really appreciate it.

JB: What's the goal for you specifically leading up to training camp in the next couple weeks?

CT: Stay healthy and just to be a vocal leader and fit in with the team with the great pieces they already have in place and help all the new girls feel comfortable and come in and be able to contribute to the team as well.

JB: You came from L.A., what about the Lakers out there, what do you think is going on with that series?

CT: I don't know. I was surprised that they lost the first game, so now home court advantage is to Houston. You can never doubt the Lakers when they have Kobe Bryant on the team, so we'll just have to wait and see.

JB: Ok, Christi Thomas, thanks so much for you time.

CT: Thank you.

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