Alicia Frosch recognized by “Inspiring Women” program

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The Minnesota Lynx honored Alicia Frosch during their June 21 home game for her dedication towards childhood education, disability rights and empowering women.

“We are very pleased to host Alicia tonight,” said Amanda Collins, Community Relations Manager for the Lynx. “She deserves this honor after serving her community for so long and with so much passion.”

When Frosch was younger, she benefited from the guidance of an older influence — guidance that inspired her to pursue her own passions.

“I grew up in Minneapolis,” said Frosch. “I grew up in a single-mother household. I was going down a path that wasn’t healthy, and someone stepped in when I was in high school. They set me straight and lent a helping hand. As I finally went through college and started my life, I thought, ‘someone helped me out, and I need to pay it forward.’”

Frosch currently serves as Racial Justice and Public Policy Program Coordinator for the Minneapolis YWCA. She has been involved with several community organizations that aim to uplift those in need; groups that have benefited from her passion for service and equality include single parents, GLBT homeless youth, women with eating disorders and children of color with disabilities.

One group that she works especially close with is the Interfaith Children’s Advocacy Network (iCAN).

“iCAN is part of the JRLC (Joint Religious Legislative Coalition), they are an umbrella group under that. They look at children’s issues in the state at a policy level, and I’m on their advocacy committee. They make sure all children have access to early childhood education and health care.”

As no woman of color has ever served in Minnesota’s congressional delegation (and less than 3% of state legislature are women of color), Frosch is currently organizing a group that helps minority women to run for public office.

“We are one of the top states for women in office,” said Frosch. “But not for women of color. It’s predominantly white. When women of color can have their voice heard, different issues are brought forward. We want to show that they are leaders, and to encourage them that they can do it. The money, the networks, all of the things necessary for running for office are not always there.

“A key part of it is once they are in office, how do you deal with some of the things in the political scene? It can get messy. We want them to be leaders and to keep leading for their constituents and the issues they care about.”

Much of Frosch’s personal life involves spending time with her two boys with special needs. When she is not busy with social justice issues, she enjoys reading, movies, live music and cheering on the Lynx.

Frosch’s award is the first of four planned recognitions throughout the Lynx season. The Inspiring Women platform is a league-wide initiative to celebrate women who motivate others through personal and professional leadership, in hopes that their stories will inspire others to do the same.

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