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May: The Lynx had a new look in 2003: a new head coach, two new assistants, a veteran WNBA player selected in the dispersal draft and a five-time Olympian "rookie." And after the first month of the season, the Lynx had a 2-1 record.

June: The Lynx opened the month with their first-ever win over Houston and improved to the best start in team history, 3-1. But the team dropped five of the next six games, falling two games under .500, before ending the month with a three-game winning streak.

July: After starting the month with two straight losses, the Lynx rebounded with three consecutive wins and never fell under .500 for the remainder of the season. Minnesota began a franchise-record seven-game home winning streak in July and recorded a franchise-record ninth home win.

August: The final month of the regular season was filled with big games: a buzzer-beater, two key wins for tiebreaker advantages, the win that gave the Lynx their first-ever playoff berth. Minnesota finished with a team-record 18 wins in the regular season.

Playoffs: The fourth-seeded Lynx entered their first-ever playoff against the top-seeded Sparks. Minnesota won its first-ever playoff game with a dramatic 21-point comeback in Game 1, but the Sparks won both games in Los Angeles, winning the series.
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