After the 2004 Lynx season ended, we asked for your favorite memory of the season. Here is the second set of responses:

My favorite moment was the 20-point comeback against the Mercury at Target Center! No one thought they could do it, but they did.
Lindsay (Minneapolis)

My favorite moment was the unbelievable comeback against the Mercury. Send in the bench down 20 points, and out of nowhere, the Lynx go off and win the game. An incredible testament to this team's spirit.
Jen (Boston, MA)

Hard to pick a favorite this year although the comeback against Phoenix was unbelievable! I was so proud of the way the Lynx played and the support from the bench.
   The Great Basketball Dribble is my favorite memory from this year. My mother died from breast cancer so I am grateful that the Lynx choose to support this very worthy cause. Go Lynx!
Cheryel (Brooklyn Park, MN)

I thought the overtime win at the Target Center against Houston on June 30 was a major win. It was like this team willed this victory. The win was so exciting and it was awesome to see the Lynx celebrate together.
Darcy (Logan, Ohio)

My favorite memory of the season was the game in detroit when they won by one point and I was at the game cheering and the fans were mad at me for cheering for them. Also was in game 2 of the playoffs and Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert came of the bench and had a great game in her old home. Maybe she should start next year.
Jeffery (Decatur, GA)

When I saw Suzie get the coach of the year award, it brought tears to my eyes. Knowing how hard she has worked and the sacrifices she and her family have had to make to make professional women's basketball a reality! When the Target Center isn't full it breaks my heart. This happens to be the best game in town! We all need to get the message out!!!
A Faithful Fan!!! Jan (Bloomington, Mn)

My favorite memory came at the win against Los Angeles in Los Angeles in the next-to-last game of the regular season. I was there in person.
   Teresa Edwards came out with the first five points of the game. Nicole Ohlde and Vanessa Hayden had hot streaks and, more importantly, frustrated Lisa Leslie to the point where she (Leslie) received a technical for giving an elbow and later fouled out of the game.
   What was even better than the game was the interaction with LA fans. Despite our loud cheering in the Lynx section (all eight of us), the LA fans made a game of it with us on who could cheer their team on louder. We all had a good time with great sportsmanship and mutual respect. This, by far, was my most favorite game of the year.
Jeffrey (West St. Paul, Minnesota)

My favorite memory from the 2004 season is the Sparks game in L.A. to clinch the playoffs. We were at the game on a road trip and it was very exciting to win at the Staples Center. Thanks Lynx for the great road trip!!! We had a blast.
Trish (Rosemount, MN)

My favorite part of the Lynx season was when they beat LA toward the end of the season to clinch a playoff spot. I am actually from LA but I am not a Sparks fan so to see my team (the Lynx) beat the Sparks on their home court was the best moment of their season for me! Plus Amber Jacobs was 3-3 from the three point line that night to help crush the Sparks! She rocks!
Nicole (Whittier, CA)

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire 2004 season (once again), only missing one home game. But, I suppose I was happiest in seeing another playoff game at Target Center. Way to go Lynx!!
   Thanks also to Tamika Williams for waving up to me in the stands during warmups for the Charlotte game.
Vicki (Menomonie, Wisconsin)

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